Valley Leadership (VL) announced the next milestone in its 40-year history. Five local philanthropic partners have collectively agreed to invest in the organization’s Pivot Toward Impact, a strategic change that shifts the focus from a leadership program that individuals start and finish, to developing a leadership culture within Arizona that seeks to impact long-term issues. The five partners include Arizona Community Foundation, Helios Education Foundation, Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and Vitalyst Health Foundation.

In a move to develop and build the organization for the future, VL staff and board of directors developed the Pivot Toward Impact with the intention of creating a leadership pipeline committed to meaningful results on the most pressing issues facing Arizona. The Pivot includes a comprehensive change in the organization’s programming; deeper engagement of alumni and partners; an increase in intentional partnerships and collaborations; and the creation of Impact Maker Teams that will ultimately exact real change for Arizona’s most vital concerns. 

“We are honored that these long-respected Arizona institutions have collectively invested in our vision for the Pivot,” says David Brown, Valley Leadership CEO. “A critical part of this shift is cultivating leadership in a way that will bring about lasting interest and meaningful impact. Their combined investment in our big idea personifies the type of leadership and impact that is possible.” 

The three-year, $1 million investment will provide funding to ramp up for the capacity needed to reach the goals of the Pivot and create sustainability for the future. Valley Leadership’s board of directors also committed funds toward the goal.

The collective philanthropic investment will: 

• Enhance Valley Leadership’s programming to empower Arizona leaders to have meaningful impact on the most pressing issues facing Arizona.  

• Implement the Valley Impact Maker vehicle and create Impact Teams, which will connect, leverage and mobilize Arizona leaders and enable new ways to accelerate impact. Impact Teams for each issue are composed of VL leaders, partner organizations and other key stakeholders who come together to identify solutions, set goals and develop action plans through a facilitated process. 

“Valley Leadership’s innovative approach to empowering and mobilizing a new generation of leaders inspired our collective organizations to invest in their pivot toward impact,” said Gene D’Adamo, Nina Mason Pulliam Trust president & CEO.  “The Impact Maker model provides a much-needed vehicle for the citizens of our community to get involved and create solutions around the issues that matter most to them.”

This type of collaborative philanthropy happening nationally has proven to be an effective approach for funders to sustain efforts, deepen the impact and create profound changes for the communities they serve.