Frutkin Law Firm
Harvey Frutkin (Photo courtesy of The Frutkin Law Firm)

The Frutkin Law Firm has announced the retirement of Harvey Frutkin from the practice of law. Harvey worked with a focus on estate planning, taxation and corporate law for more than 40 years, primarily in Cleveland, Ohio.

While a partner at Cavitch, Familo, Durkin & Frutkin, Harvey participated on the board of directors and as president of the firm from 1992 to 2006. He has spent the last five years as senior counsel at The Frutkin Law Firm, where his son, Jonathan Frutkin, is the principal.

The Frutkin Law Firm was founded nearly a decade ago and offers representation to clients throughout Arizona in business and corporate law and related areas.

“We have grown from a solo practice to 10 lawyers in the last decade,” says Jonathan. “I am so happy that Harvey decided to spend the last several years of his career working with us to become a successful member of the Arizona legal community.”

Harvey is a published author and editor of 10 white papers and articles. He served as an adjunct professor of law in federal corporate taxation at Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been a frequent lecturer at the Cleveland Tax Institute and other business panels. Law is a legacy that runs in the family.

“I followed in the footsteps of my parents when I became a lawyer,” says Harvey. “It is a lot of fun to watch Jonathan and the firm grow.”

Harvey will continue to live in Scottsdale and spend time with his seven grandchildren. His final day was Aug. 26, 2016.