Barry Broome
President and CEO
Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Broome’s tenure at GPEC has helped attract more than 170 companies, created at least 30,100 jobs and more than $7 billion in capital investment to Greater Phoenix.

Biggest challenge: “One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced was learning to believe in my own talent. It took awhile for me to start believing that I truly deserved any of the good things that have happened for me.”

Best advice to offer: “1. Get to work early. 2. Be diligent. 3. Be dedicated. 4. Treat people with respect. 5. Keep your word. I have never heard of someone failing when they took control of all five of those factors – and they are all within your control.”

Best accomplishment: “My proudest achievement is developing leaders who will affect change and make the world a better place – it’s what matters the most.”