You have seen her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and behind hundreds of local and nationally accredited media company websites for her press work covering news on small businesses, marketing trends and SVN Desert Commercial Advisors commercial real estate transactions and highlights.  An award-winning businesswoman and recipient to the 2018’s Outstanding Women in Business by the Phoenix Journal and named to the TOP 10 CRE Bloggers by The Broker List three years in a row with SVN, Melissa Swader is launching her new video podcast show, ‘Real Talk – Real Business – Real People’ this coming September. 

Earlier this year, Swader announced her first book deal with Daily House in Reno, Nevada expected to come out later this year.  “Like my book announcement, I felt that this was the right time to produce the new show.  People are watching my videos behind the scenes on social media, but I wanted to create more opportunities for those that I am highlighting behind the scenes,” said Swader.  I want others to have the chance to really listen and be inspired by other industry professionals, vendors, media companies, athletes, coaches and so many more.  “I have so many amazing featured guests lined up for the first several podcasts and everyone comes with a surprise,” said Swader.  The new video podcast can be watched from her New YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe to her new channel to get notified when the shows are posted each week starting September 1st. 

Melissa Swader expressed, “The 10-15 minute shows are REAL! I have never sugarcoated anything when it comes to business, marketing and strong work ethics expected of people in business. In fact, there are many people out there that don’t like to hear the truth – but they are going to if they tune into my show…haha.”  Swader has a large following on Facebook managing several closed groups and business pages combined, including the SVN Desert Commercial Advisors social media channels too.  She is also the host to an elite quarterly business networking event in the North Valley/Anthem area which she is bringing to Phoenix soon.  Between her social media groups and pages, she is able to leverage this sort of influence by bringing the community and small business owners, brokers, realtors and many other industry professionals together for a night of elite introductions in which she facilitates.  Her widespread message is about uplifting each other, building a strong network of industry professionals, strong business ethics and getting the deals done.