Versant Capital Management earns top ranking

Versant Capital Management, a Phoenix-based investment advisor and wealth management firm, was recently ranked by AdvisoryHQ on its 2019 list of the top 12 financial advisors in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

AdvisoryHQ conducts extensive research to identify and rank the best banks, investment and financial advisors, online brokerages, credit and lending providers and a wide range of financial- related products, firms and services. Rankings are done in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and are published on the AdvisoryHQ website.

Through a four-step methodology, AdvisoryHQ selects qualifying firms, focusing on a firm’s service offerings and key differentiators rather than fees generation, size or assets under management. AdvisoryHQ receives no compensation for its rankings.

Some of the key factors that enabled Versant Capital Management, Inc. to rank as a top 2019 wealth advisor according to the AdvisoryHQ website included that the firm is compensated only by clients, accepting no other commissions or referral charges for product sales, its philanthropic giving to the community, direct client access to the Chief Investment Officer, a strong emphasis on building multi- generational relationships with clients, and collaborating and coordinating the firm’s services with those of other professionals.

JFCS recognized by world’s largest nonprofit database

Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) was recognized with their first Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar, the world’s largest nonprofit database. The highest Seal of Transparency, this rating requires nonprofits share their metrics and address the progress made towards their mission. This helps distinguish JFCS among other nonprofits and allows them to earn twice as much engagement with their profile. 

“JFCS is grateful to our many generous individual and corporate donors who support our ongoing programs,” says Dr. Lorrie Henderson, President and CEO of JFCS. “The Platinum Seal of Transparency demonstrates to our many contributors that we are good stewards of our donors’ financial support.” 

Serving the Valley for more than 80 years, JFCS has supported thousands of children, teens and adults through trauma, family violence, mental illness and substance abuse, as well as other serious behavioral, physical and social obstacles. Their compassionate, attentive and confident care distinguishes them among other local organizations.

Phoenix-based Mobivity unveils groundbreaking technology

Mobivity Holdings Corp., creators of the award-winning customer personalization platform, Recurrency, today unveiled its innovative frequency impact technology enabling restaurant and retail brands to fully assess a variety of factors affecting consumer frequency.  Brick-and-mortar merchants can now tap into consumer purchase frequency performance connected to point-of-sale (POS) data that has until now only been available to the ever-expanding world of eCommerce retail. The new technology, developed by Mobivity’s world-class Data Science team introduces a patent-pending big data approach utilizing Mobivity’s Recapture technology.  This tracks each individual transaction at the POS, while combining other customer data points to track how frequently each unique customer visits a store and what causes them to increase that frequency over time. Relating frequency to average ticket, day parts, and other insights is also provided via an elegant dashboard interface so that dialing in all aspects of a brand’s product, pricing, and promotions mix can be optimized to achieve maximum frequency.

“Revenue growth for brick and mortar merchants is primarily driven by consumer frequency,” said Dennis Becker, Mobivity Chairman and CEO. “In the past, merchants have had to rely on anecdotal evidence or expensive manual analysis to assess frequency impact from marketing programs to value pricing to new products.  This new technology opens an entirely new dimension to our clients. They can now see whether or not a marketing program, new product, or other program actually had a positive effect on increasing customer frequency. We can’t wait to get this tool in the hands of the world-class brands that are seeking key insights within their basket-level data, and help them identify trends that help drive additional customer visits, and ultimately spend.”

Scottsdale-based Trainual announces partnership with Gusto

Trainual, a leading modern, cloud-based training manual software, today announced a partnership with Gusto, the leading payroll, benefits and HR technology platform for small businesses in the U.S., to bring automation to one of the most time-consuming components of employee onboarding. Trainual’s exclusive partnership with Gusto will enable businesses to automatically set up new employees in Gusto with the specific training they need to succeed in their role through a technical integration.

“We’re particularly excited about this partnership because it streamlines one of the most commonly missed, but critical steps when a new hire is brought into an organization: equipping them with the right training from the start,” said Trainual founder and CEO Chris Ronzio. “Business owners can now easily connect critical aspects of their business, bringing a new level of operational efficiency to the onboarding process so they can continue to focus on what matters most –– growth.”

Now when new employees are added to Gusto or have a role change, they will automatically be added to Trainual and assigned to the training specific to what they need to succeed in their role.

Scottsdale-based Amerisleep expands to Pacific Northwest

Amerisleep, the Scottsdale-based company that produces eco-friendly mattresses, adjustable beds and accessories, is opening its first location in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday, April 6. The showroom in Portland, Ore., will be the ninth for Amerisleep in the U.S., which initially started as an ecommerce company in 2006 and began opening stores in 2017.

“We’re excited to introduce our first Oregon location. Our company’s core values of sleep, health and wellness align perfectly with the city of Portland,” said Joey Holt, co-founder and COO of Amerisleep. “Research from the CDC shows that 30% of people in Portland get less than seven hours of sleep a night. At Amerisleep, we’re reimagining how customers purchase a mattress by empowering them with education not just on our products but on sleep in general. With our latest showroom, we look forward to delivering better sleep for a better tomorrow to Portland-area residents.”

The showroom features 8K TV walls, touchscreen displays with interactive content to educate the customer, and Dream Suites, nap rooms that allow customers to experience the mattresses in a private space. Amerisleep has engineered five mattress models at distinct firmness levels to accommodate every type of sleeper. From cover to core, the technologically-advanced mattresses provide targeted support and pressure relief. Amerisleep also has adjustable bed bases, pillows and bedding to help customers further enhance their sleep experience. This particular store will debut a new retail-look for Amerisleep, aligning all five mattresses side by side.