ReneGait, a groundbreaking company that designs and builds activity-based therapy tools, today released the Spartan to market. The Spartan is an assistive gait-training tool aimed at transforming the lives of neuromuscular injury patients who live with a spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury or have suffered from a stroke.

Founder, President and Visionary of ReneGait, Daniel Campbell, designed the Spartan after sustaining a life-changing spinal cord injury. Campbell invented the Spartan to aid both physical therapists and participants in activity-based therapies.

Daniel Campbell

The Spartan allows the participant with a neuromuscular injury to be safely manipulated and achieve a cyclical stepping motion with little to no falling risk. Using external, internal and reaction forces the Spartan helps strengthen atrophied muscles and delivers neuromuscular re-education. With the assistance of the Spartan, participants can practice stepping without upper extremity support, moving from sitting to standing, balance, weight shifts and knee control, and proper posture.

“You don’t realize the difficulty of rehabilitation until you are in that room, working to regain bodily motor function yourself,” said Campbell. “My rehabilitation faltered when I lacked the tools I needed to improve. But I used my challenges and rehab experiences to craft the ideal mechanism to facilitate recovery. Every moment of every day we must choose how to respond, how much time and how much energy to invest in our rebellion against our circumstances – the Spartan makes the choice simple.”

Gait training is an under-utilized treatment among most neuro-rehab clinics in the United States but is one of the best ways to practice weight-bearing exercises, task specificity, high repetitions, high intensity and external facilitation of neuromuscular activity. 

Campbell’s mission is to seed a future for the neurologically-impaired to live healthier lives via the industry standardization of activity-based therapy. He intends to continue developing products and grow ReneGait until it is a prominent force for positive change in the slowly-evolving world of neurological rehabilitation. 

“To spite our disability, and to claw for a better existence, we move,” added Campbell.

The Spartan is available for purchase at For more information, visit or call 805.876.4248.