Business owners need to stay focused on running their companies, not having to navigate the complexities of leasing office space. Award-winning commercial real estate guru, Andrea Davis CRE, provides a better understanding of leasing commercial real estate with valuable information, tips and strategies in her new experience-based book, “SimpLEASEity.

As the economy continues to stay strong, commercial real estate continues to outpace predictions and great office space is becoming progressively harder to find.  “It is a landlord’s market, so if business owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, mortgage lenders, dance studio owners or entrepreneurs treat leasing office or warehouse space like renting an apartment, they will surely be in trouble. The chances are good that they will lose money and enter into a less than favorable contract,” said Andrea Davis.

This book gives readers a complete guide to an increasingly complicated process of winning the game of real estate. It takes a deep dive into leasing commercial real estate by providing the reader with an 11-step guide to leasing office, medical, industrial and retail space. How to find, interview and hire qualified professionals.

Each chapter is packed with tips for finding the perfect location, negotiating favorable terms, and protect your lease rights. Hiring a qualified tenant rep costs the tenant $0, zippo, nada, nothing. It even provides a step-by-step guide on how to complete the cumbersome math when working out contract terms and negotiations.

SimpLEASEity™ is divided into 16 Chapters, with each section offering practical, money-saving tips. It explains commercial real estate basics and then goes into detail to explore tenant representation, market conditions, property tours, reviewing and negotiating the lease to finally gaining occupancy and looking ahead.

The book is currently available from Amazon, both on Kindle and in book form:  SimpLEASEity(TM) amazon

“I am thrilled to share this long overdue, comprehensive tool to help business owners be on a level playing field when leasing commercial space. SimpLEASEity™ evolved based on clients need for basic information on the lease process. This book is designed to open business owners eyes to common pitfalls they often fall prey to when signing a lease without representation, and simplify the complex transactional process.”  said Davis