An increasingly competitive activity, searching for and procuring a job is filled with challenges. A recruiter will briefly look at your resume for around 5-10 seconds before moving onto one of the one hundred other resumes. Employment rates continue to increase, as does the cost of living.

For women, the challenges may be greater. The International Labour Organization reports that women are less likely to find employment and more likely to take up jobs which are low-paying and, in some way, leave them vulnerable. Even in the United States, 68.3% of men are currently in employment, while only 55.7% of women have a job. The global statistics are, unfortunately, even more dire, with 75% and 49% of men and women being presently employed respectively.

So what’s a girl to do? Here are three quotes to live by for any woman looking to find a job straight from some of the moment’s more inspiring women.

1. “You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.” – Rachel Hollis (Girl, wash your face)

The best-selling author and speaker, Rachel Hollis, is a huge advocate of people actively shaping their future. However, this is no prosperity gospel. Hollis frequently shares that we need to take practical steps towards improving ourselves and achieving our goals. Why is this important when looking for a job? Quite simply, by taking ownership of ourselves and our futures, it will ultimately move us forward. While there will be setbacks in the search for employment, self-development, and the resilience that comes with it are hugely beneficial. 

2. “When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”  – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah wants you to know your worth. If you know your worth and why you deserve a job, it will be significantly easier to show others. Ultimately, that is what the job application process is all about. A good resume and effective interview technique can help you to show others what you have to offer. Matt O’Keeffe writes on the dangers of undervaluing yourself. The first problem he cites is that it is detrimental not only personally but also professionally. Using a CV builder to ensure you truly put your best foot forward is invaluable.

3. “When I’m racing, I’m thinking about my own race. I’m not thinking about anybody.” – Caster Semenya

Amidst significant controversy, Semenya has certainly run her own race. She has been focused on achieving her goals, and she is relevant to a job-seeking woman because of this. Thinking about others, making comparisons, or becoming overwhelmed by the competition are unhelpful and will not win over a prospective employer. When applying for a job, you can only concentrate on what you have to offer.

What all three of these women and their words have in common is the conviction that self-belief and self-directed action lead to success. A confident and focused approach is possibly one of the most useful tools in seeking and succeeding employment.