The ZONE, which provides both conscious and subconscious healing and focus by removing outside distractions and adding positive stimuli, launched its website to highlight three primary service offerings: Grief Release, Child Behavior Modification and Sports Performance.

The ZONE is co-founded by Christine Arians, wife of Arizona Cardinals football coach Bruce Arians and grief specialist Barbara Saint John.

“We get a lot of questions about the “Pod” itself, and also questions about what services we provide beyond improved sports performance, so we wanted to better highlight all three areas of expertise on our website,” said Christine Arians, Co-Founder of The ZONE.

“We’ve had wonderful results and extremely positive feedback from our clients with many crediting the experience with their personal breakthroughs, and we wanted the website to better describe and highlight those successes,” said Barbara Saint John, co-founder and grief specialist.

The ZONE’s pod is designed to remove outside distractions and add positive stimuli. Your body and mind are engulfed by positive energy through light, sound and vibration as you lie on a firm bed with a headrest and footrest. Once you are comfortable on the bed, the top is lowered and the outer doors can be shut, wiping away the outside world.

Positive light energy consists of two sets of multicolored lights controlled by a therapist who uses the lights’ color frequency to assist in your relaxation. Your body also feels the vibration as you listen to guided imagery and therapeutic messages (both consciously and subconsciously) leading you to better focus and/or emotional healing.

The primary service lines aim to help clients in three different areas.

Grief Release:

Grief comes in many forms and there’s no one way to prepare for the flood of emotions that may follow a loss, regardless of if that loss is expected or unexpected, natural or unimaginable. The ZONE helps your mind to relaxed, allowing you to consciously and subconsciously let go of negative ideas, thoughts, and perception – and guides you on the path to regaining the positive beliefs allow you to return to your life.

Child Behavior Modification:

Children with anxiety and stress issues often see those manifested in many different ways such as fear, bedwetting, insomnia, self-isolation, mouthing-off or fighting. The ZONE helps children learn to accept and understand their own feelings and emotions, and also to deal with the feelings and emotions of those around them.

Sports Performance:

The ZONE helps competitive athletes, amateurs and hobbyists to relax and focus on their performance and the task at hand, creating a personal zone where outer distractions are neutralized.

The website also highlights that all proceeds are donated to the Arians Family Foundation and to Voices for CASA Children in Maricopa County.