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Today’s spotlight: Caryn Gose

Title: Economic development project manager, SRP

Gose has worked for SRP for 30 years. Her experience is vast, ranging from economic development, strategic planning, forecasting and productivity consulting. Gose’s bachelor’s degree is in industrial engineering from New Mexico State University. She earned an Arizona Economic Development Pro certification and is actively involved with the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and the Arizona Association for Economic Development. Caryn is on the executive board of East Valley Partnership, a GPEC certified ambassador and serves as a Positive Paths board member.

Source of pride:My involvement on the Executive Board of East Valley Partnership (EVP) is my most gratifying accomplishment. I am honored to serve on this board with so many influential business leaders. They work hard to grow a vibrant community. I’m also honored to work for SRP. SRP affords me the opportunity to serve my customers and community through participation on many business and non-profit boards like EVP.”

The personality trait that helped you succeed:I am very organized and being conscientious is a beneficial personality trait. I like to plan ahead to ensure a task is done well, because I take my obligations seriously. This has helped me in business. I strive to always be prepared, which in turn gives me the confidence to do almost anything.”

The personality trait that got you into trouble:I am a quiet, observant person. People often mistake that for not caring or having an opinion. It is simply my nature to listen carefully and gather my thoughts before I speak.”

Best childhood memory:When I was a child, my whole family would gather at my grandmother’s home on weekends. I loved this because I have a lot cousins and this would give me a chance to see and play with them all. We would play outside long after the sun set, until our parents would call us in. We would often play baseball because I had enough cousins to fill two teams.”