When we are dealing with the stresses and pressure of day-to-day life, the last thing we think will make everything better is getting naked. Body image issues. Societal constraints. Those two jelly donuts at breakfast. But The Naked Life Coach would say we are wrong.

Nadine Sabulsky, known professionally as The Naked Life Coach, helps her clients change their negative patterns of behavior to improve their lives and create the reality to which they aspire, giving them the opportunity and tools needed to enjoy their lives to their full potential. Think about it as traditional life coaching … except both therapist and patient are naked.

Az Business talked with the author of “Living the Naked Life” to find out the naked truth about how the process of baring your soul — and everything else — works.

Az Business: How did you start doing naked life coaching?

Nadine Sabulsky: I have a background as an entrepreneur, a successful single mother, and an entertainer, as well as a lifelong passion and interest in human potential and metaphysics. All of those experiences came together for me when I discovered I really love helping people “launch the life they love” and I decided to start this company.

AB: How does being the Naked Life Coach differ from traditional life coaching?

NS: The breadth and depth and the number of types of experiences I have had allow me to give someone a much more “whole life” approach, so I take someone from where they are and help them completely design and live all aspects of their dream life.

AB: The first time someone walks into your office, what are their biggest fears?

NS: Usually of actually getting naked! And also fear of really being vulnerable to confess to another person about what their problems and even what their dreams are. We humans habitually repress a lot of our authentic selves in daily life and that’s the biggest challenge to overcome, regardless of what the outward goal is.

AB: What are the types of problems that can be helped through naked life coaching?

NS: The goal is to overall craft a fully satisfying and balanced life in all life areas, including mind/body mastery (physical health, fitness, wellness, and emotional health), life mission (career or entrepreneur goals) and relationship (family, friends, and love life), and this is accomplished through teaching the needed practical skills alongside the metaphysical components (mindset, law of attraction).

AB: Who is the ideal candidate for naked life coaching?

NS: Someone who has reached a point in life where they feel that they’re ready to step up and take their life to a whole new level, who’s ready to live their life the way they want it, instead of the standard life expectations that they’ve found unfulfilling.

AB: How does being naked facilitate the process?

NS: It’s taking people out of the box, both mentally and physically. If you think about it, we’re born naked, so it’s returning us to a natural state where we are in a sense being reborn, starting a new life in order to live our dreams.

AB: If someone wants to try out a session, what should they do?

NS: I offer coaching both in person as well as by Skype or phone. For new clients, they’ll want to start with a strategy consultation or the coaching starter package, which includes the strategy consultation. I’m also working on developing some online learn from home courses. Those interested, can schedule an appointment at my website.