Shari Lott, founder and CEO of SpearmintLOVE

One of the fastest-growing online baby and children’s clothing and accessories store, SpearmintLOVE, today announced that its vision for offering unique, “must have” brands have led to tremendous sales growth, a tripling of workforce, quadrupling of warehouse footprint and landed the company on Facebook’s 2017 U.S. Small Business Council

With millions of small businesses using the social media giant to gain customers, SpearmintLOVE was one of only 11 innovative U.S. companies hand-selected for the council to provide constructive feedback on new Facebook products and solutions. Fueled by a significant investment in online advertising, the emerging brand has quickly achieved a leading position with sales growth of 1,269% in 2016 over 2015. That growth has been fueled by a deliberate strategy of discovering the best emerging products and brands and introducing them to its loyal and rapidly growing audience through a unique and authentic visual style that has come to be the company’s signature. 

“Our knack for product discovery has given rise to a truly unique community where mom’s and entrepreneur’s come to find each other,” said Shari Lott, Founder and CEO of SpearmintLOVE. She added, “As the company has grown, we’re inspired by two things: first, we get to help families and friends find truly unique items that become a baby’s first photo or first birthday outfit.  That creates a memory that literally lasts a lifetime. Secondly, we’re a platform to help other entrepreneurs taking a risk to develop a product that are often moms or momtrepreneurs just like me to bring their amazing products to world. Being able to help them grow is very rewarding.” 

According to Jenn Davis, Owner of The Blueberry Hill, “Having our products offered on SpearmintLOVE was a goal from the beginning. SpearmintLOVE is an partner that has taken a personal interest in helping us to develop our brand and grow significantly.”

Boasting an exceptional inventory of clothing and accessories, SpearmintLOVE’s multi-channel ecommerce strategy has led them to compete head-on with market leading brick-and-mortar retailers. In three years, the company has grown from 2 SKUs to more than 5,100 SKUs and attracted nearly 400,000 Facebook followers. This flair for discovering unique brands and telling the story with exceptional photo’s, the company has been wildly successful at cultivating followers into loyal customers. One of SpearmintLOVE’s most liked photos of all time reached more than 3.6 Million people and received more than 69 thousand likes, 8,746 shares and over 9,500 comments.  It’s this reach that has made SpearmintLOVE so popular with loyal brand partners and eager consumers alike.

Lott is a hands-on manager who started the company in 2013 in her home closet. At that time, she was a popular mommy blogger ( sharing design ideas for nurseries and products she liked. The blog grew in popularity, but Lott preferred selling products rather than writing about them. This passion led her to launch SpearmintLOVE when she couldn’t find a blanket she wanted for her daughter’s room. Lott designed the blanket herself and set to find a U.S. manufacturer. With two designs and a BigCommerce website, SpearmintLOVE was born. Two weeks later, she completely sold out of the original blanket design.  More designs were added and she began sourcing other company’s products to offer to SpearmintLOVE’s rapidly growing audience.