Sissie Roberts Shank is proof positive that women business owners are impacting even the most male-dominated industries in Arizona. She has run her family business and been co-owner since 1999, which also happens to be one of the largest A/C installers in the state of Arizona.

Sissie Roberts Shank, who was named one of Az Business magazine’s Most Influential Women in 2017, has played a crucial role in maintaining the size and strength of the company during her tenure. Weathering the storm of the 2008 housing downturn, which deeply affected their bottom line, is her self-proclaimed greatest accomplishment. Not one to back down from tough decisions, Roberts Shank had to cut 90% of the company’s work force to survive. “This was the hardest decision I ever had to make. We didn’t want to let anyone go, but by making our IT systems much more robust and cutting costs, we became a better company and are stronger today,” said Roberts Shank. It’s even more impressive considering that she accomplished this while being part of an industry that is 98.4% male (U.S. Department of Labor statistic).

One look at Chas Roberts A/C & Plumbing’s advertising, online platforms and within the community as a whole, you can see just how involved Sissie is with every aspect of the business. She appears during Arizona Diamondbacks games to launch their annual “Cool Play” contest which awards two families in need a brand-new A/C system, which is a life-changing event for the winners.  She then personally goes to the homes of these families to shake their hands and congratulate them. She can currently be seen in a brand-new television ad featuring Arizona Coyotes legend Shane Doan. Their company Facebook page features picture after picture of her interacting with HVAC technicians at their North Phoenix headquarters.

Sissie Roberts Shank has taken a great company built from the ground up by her Grandparents in 1942 and made it even better with her vision and determination.