Female consumer advocate group WomenCertified Inc. is honoring tea sweetener SweetLeaf with the Women’s Choice Award.

SweetLeaf received excellent survey scores, with the vast majority of customers rating the experience and overall quality of SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener as “extremely satisfied.”

“The Women’s Choice Award’s mission is to identify which brands are most recommended by women,” said Delia Passi, CEO and founder. “By carrying the Women’s Choice Award seal, brands like SweetLeaf signify their commitment to empower women to make smart buying choices.”

The honor is based on extraordinary recommendations from their female customers in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by WomenCertified Inc. using the company’s customer database. 

“SweetLeaf is honored to be a Women’s Choice Award recipient. It is our mission to make the world a sweeter place by offering sweetener products that are better for the body, possess a trustworthy label, and help consumers reach their goals—whether maintaining their weight management or a lifestyle change, or just reducing or eliminating sugar,” said Carol May, president of Wisdom Natural Brands, makers of SweetLeaf.

Female consumers represent a driving economic powerhouse, controlling 65 percent, or approximately $20 trillion annually, of global spending and more than 80 percent of U.S. spending, according to the Harvard Business Review and the Continuum’s Women and Children Research Group.

Coupling that with a recent Nielsen report on global trust in advertising, which stated that 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know over any other form of advertising, reveals the significance of being an America’s Most Recommended brand by women.

Passi commented on how the Women’s Choice Award serves as a competitive differentiator in today’s cluttered marketplace by explaining, “When a woman is willing to recommend a brand or service to others, it means that business has earned her loyalty. Those are the businesses we wish to recognize for their efforts and commitment to the number one consumer—women.”

SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener has developed more consumer stevia products than any other sweetener brand. SweetLeaf is also the only stevia brand consistently winning international awards for taste and innovation.

Their line of stevia sweetener powders includes packets and shaker jars, which are available in a certified organic option and natural SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener, both with no artificial ingredients, no calories, and no carbohydrates.


SweetLeaf is committed to developing and producing quality sweeteners women will want to share with their families, friends, and the important people in their lives. SweetLeaf is dedicated to bringing delicious and trusted sweeteners to kitchen tables around the globe to provide a sugar alternative with a non-glycemic response fit to meet a myriad of lifestyle needs.

“We are pleased to salute SweetLeaf for their focus on excellence, a commitment that is recognized by women consumers nationwide,” said Passi.