Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual fitness programs were already a thing. And for a good reason, because who wouldn’t want to be trained by expert fitness trainers right in the comfort of their own living room?

Ever since the pandemic changed our daily lives, the appeal of virtual fitness programs has changed. Today, the virtual fitness industry has been growing in numbers due to the restrictions that these times have brought upon us.

For this reason, numerous business owners, including those in the fitness business industry, have brought their business online. Read on to get some more ideas about how to open up a fitness business on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

1.   Present Your Offer

Mentioned below are some popular fitness services that you can offer online.

Group Classes

You can manage group classes of the most popular workout exercises today, e.g., aerobics, Zumba, abs workout, etc. You may even use pre-recorded videos that include fun fitness video content. Considering the nature of these activities, it shouldn’t be too hard to present them in good spirits, so that your audience can feel your vibe.

Personal Training

This kind of training is more personalized, since you’ll be there in person with your client. But on the other hand, it can also make your clients achieve impressive results, due to your expertise rubbing off directly onto them.

Nutrition Consultant

As you may already know, exercising isn’t the only way for a person to achieve their body goals. It also requires eating proper food that has the correct nutrition levels, etc. With nutrition consultancy, you can provide your clients with recipes and diets, taking into consideration their personal situations, which may limit them in their time for cooking.

In these offerings, you create personalized special packages that ensure that they stay fit. Additionally, since we’re in a pandemic, you could add foods to their diet plans to boost their immune system.

Personalized Fitness Plans

This type of offering can be a mix of workout training, nutrition and fitness consultancy. Your role here is to determine the financial and physical feasibility of you and your clients. For example, let’s say you have a client that doesn’t have access to ellipticals or treadmills. In this type of service, you have to adapt your classes to be convenient and easily accessible.


As mentioned above, the popularity of virtual fitness classes has increased due to the need for physical, and of course, mental well-being. As a business owner, you have to have a look at your community to find out what type of fitness classes they want to have in their lesson plan. Additionally, you can check out your competitors to get an idea of what’s trending today.

2.   Present A Price (Estimate) On Your Offers

The way in which you place a price on your services should come off as affordable to your would-be clients, and yet be as profitable for your business as possible. Read on below to learn more about several pricing strategies that you can utilize to optimize for the best results for both you and your clients.


Your clients will pay per fitness class. These are ideal for people who want to try your services for the first time. It’s also an attractive offer to those who wish to make use of your services infrequently, because they have unpredictable work schedules, or whatever.

Monthly or Yearly Memberships

Memberships are pretty much the opposite of the pay-per-class payment method. Customers pay a fixed price for a fixed duration of months/years to peruse your gym several times per week. Additionally, you can offer discounts to lower the cost for those who applied for multiple month/year membership plans. Subscription profit models are a good way to generate revenue consistently.

3.   Create a Plan for Conducting Online Classes

You can either live stream or pre-record your classes; read on below to learn more about them to determine which would suit you best.

Live Streaming

When live streaming, you’re conducting your class in real-time, and you can quickly motivate your class by interacting with them. Also, you wouldn’t have to edit anything. This means you also won’t be able to edit out any mistakes you might make during a live session. But then again, making mistakes makes you human, which in turn makes you more likeable. Live streaming at fixed times is also a good way to make clients stick to the program. When you let them come and go as they please, they might start to slack off.

Pre-recorded Videos

Pre-recorded videos offer more flexibility to your clients, since they can watch them whenever they want to. Additionally, you can post your pre-recorded videos on YouTube to increase your exposure. YouTube offers the ability to speed videos up and to loop them. Users can also add them to playlists and share them with friends.

4.   Set Up Your Equipment

When performing work outs and creating video content out of them, you will want the scene to be well-lit. You’re going to need a high-quality camera, and editing tools for video and audio. And a PC powerful enough that it can easily handle said editing, ofcourse. Although, if you’re just starting out, it would be best if you start out small. You’ve got to get your toes wet first. The most important thing to have for a beginner is a camera and lights.

5.   Get the Word Out!

When starting a fitness business online, you want to ensure that your target market knows about you. You can inform your customers on your website about what you’re offering, how you’re going to deliver it, the available payment methods, and the available slots.

Now that most people are stuck at home, because they are adhering to covid-19 related rules, they are frequenting social media platforms more often than they normally would. This is the best time to create a fitness YouTube channel in order to start raking in those views from fitness fans all across the globe. Be sure to engage with your audience on your YouTube channel to attract loyal clients. Replying to their comments is an excellent way of getting personal with your YouTube channel’s visitors.


Opening a fitness business online requires a lot of planning and work. But fitness is a popular pastime, and it will continue to be for the foreseeable future. This is the kind of market you want to be in in order to generate revenue. Many have already gone before you and are making profits off of their online fitness businesses as we speak. What are you waiting for? Join them in this trend by following the guidelines laid out above!