Email marketing is nothing short of a dream come true for digital marketers and business owners alike. Having a robust digital marketing strategy must involve tackling various challenges, and the same is the case with email marketing. It’s often considered to be one of the most robust channels of digital marketing. It has multiple use cases, the most important being that it is the foundation or a building block of customer engagement. It does this while getting other business parameters sorted.

We know that today’s marketers are busy with an endless cycle of execution and strategizing various marketing campaigns. It becomes even more critical for any bottleneck to be tackled as soon as it emerges to keep productivity. This factor is especially true for a brand offering white label email marketing service. The marketer is always on their toes and the lookout for new challenges and regularly comes up with ways to fix them. We have listed the most common email marketing challenges and creative ways to deal with them.

Customer Engagement

Effective customer engagement often leads to loyalty and makes way for brand advocacy. To devise a positive relationship with your clients, you need them to trust your brand. We can achieve trust by knowing exactly how to target and engage with the contact or subscriber list. The first step is creating an accurate email list and then segmenting your contacts following the customer lifecycle. Next comes meeting customer expectations and then understanding how they want to be engaged.

You will be required to adopt relevant email marketing strategies to provide all the content customers want to see. That is also relevant to that particular segment of customers. Make sure to plan your email marketing for all the customer lifecycle stages and future email streams.

Opt for personalized email marketing, which is in sharp contrast to shooting bulk emails. With this merges a need to create relevant and automated emails, you can get an idea of the content by looking at customers’ search. Once you do, then you hit them with an optimized and relevant content chain.

You can include tips, vital information in your emails to help your customers through something they might be facing. You would also need to make sure that you are gathering the right set of data. Interactive forms or the CRM module can help in this process to create personalized emails at an appropriate time to boost customer engagement better than ever.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition and customer engagement are also critical metrics that digital marketers use to define reach. One of the biggest challenges in acquiring new clients is defining a target customer segment and then determining an appropriate strategy to create a customer base in that segment. Getting new customers on board can be an expensive process compared to engaging or retaining them.

Using modern automation suites, marketers can nurture lead capabilities and move prospects around the buying cycle to acquire fresh customers at a much lower cost. This approach can also help them avoid errors and let users manage and schedule automated email campaigns ahead of time.

Retention Rate

Just as planning for new leads is essential, equally important is retaining your old customers. Client retention is responsible for higher revenues at a much lesser cost than customer acquisition from scratch. Existing customers act as brand evangelists by referring your brand to their contacts and bringing in new clients. Customer’s attention span is lower than ever owing to the range of choices at their disposal these days. Hence, businesses need to nail the brand strategy on point. Emphasize the needs of the customer & then deliver relevant and personalized content.

Automation comes into the picture once again to streamline things further and helps in retaining your old customers. They can create data-backed email programs and then launch them as scalable marketing campaigns. You can also choose to sync your CRM with the automation suite to source the correct data and then integrate it into quality emails.

Email Personalization

Personalized emails help marketers achieve their goals and objectives as they help engage, acquire, and retain targeted clients. If your content is focused on the customer, it will generate a higher click-through rate via positive engagement with the customer. Marketers are running through hoops to personalize their emails using various email marketing tools to keep up their pace in the market.

This need is tapping the full potential of marketing automation tools to prevent their email campaigns’ slowdown. The sourcing of accurate data remains a big challenge for this purpose, which needs to be looked into if any improvement is expected.


Saumil Shah is the marketing lead at InboxArmy, a Professional email marketing agency specializing in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. In 2014, the digital marketing bug bit him, and he fell in love with helping clients succeed in the digital arena. Saumil’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.