With investments of nearly $950 million over the past three years, the Cable One family of brands (Sparklight, Fidelity, Hargray and ValuNet) is building a robust and reliable network with the power and capacity to support the digital future of the more than one million customers it serves, as well as extend broadband service to areas previously unserved or underserved.

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“Our investment strategy ensures our customers have access to a state-of-the-art network designed to handle future technological advances and reflects our deep commitment to addressing digital equity across our footprint,” said Julie Laulis, Cable One President and CEO. “Looking to the future, we are laying the groundwork for 10 gigabit (10G) speeds and investing in a new era of innovation that will not only further enrich the lives of our customers but contribute to the economic development of the communities we serve.”

With faster symmetrical speeds, lower latency, enhanced reliability and improved security, 10G will deliver internet connectivity that is 10 times faster than today’s speeds, transforming the customer experience, creating new possibilities for smart cities, connected homes, communication, health care, education, entertainment and more.

Julie Laulis, Cable One’s president and CEO.

In preparation for the future launch of DOCSIS 4.0, the cornerstone of the industry’s 10G platform, Cable One is upgrading its network return path to allow for symmetrical multi-Gig high speed internet service; reclaiming spectrum used for traditional linear video; and upgrading plant capacity to 1.8 GHz  – all while pushing fiber deeper into neighborhoods to maximize the bandwidth available to every home served and preparing the network for future capacity enhancements.

“We are implementing the upgrades needed to our networks in order to deliver multi-Gig symmetrical speeds to our residential customers over the next few years,” Laulis said. “We will continue to make cost-efficient capital investments as part of our efforts to ensure our network is never a barrier to supporting and enhancing the evolving needs of our customers.”