Cameron Colvin, former NFL athlete, real estate investor and philanthropist, has pledged $200 million to Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona Foundation to help individuals achieve lifelong prosperity. Today, he presented the first installment of $10 million to Goodwill and will continue donating $10 million a year, for the next 20 years.  The funds will be used to create new adult education programs and future projects to help individuals living in poverty.  

“Currently, more than 721,000 Arizonans do not have a high school diploma,” said Colvin. “The best way to help these individuals move out of poverty is by allowing them to achieve their educational needs and move on to a successful career path. Goodwill’s services are critical to anyone who is looking to achieve family-sustaining employment. They are committed to helping these individuals build a better future and find a sustainable job – and for many that starts with a high school diploma. Generational wealth starts with creating more contributing members of society and by wealth we are referring to knowledge, health and self-actualization.”

With the support of Colvin’s donation, Goodwill plans to help create new adult education programs that would give individuals 18 years of age and older an option to earn a high school diploma, begin working towards post-secondary education, and complete job-specific training/certifications to advance their career paths.  High school diploma holders can make an average of $17,000 more per year than individuals with a high school certificate. The estimated economic impact of these resources could reach over $20 billion, over the next 20 years.   

“Through his own work with youth, Cameron recognizes the magnitude Goodwill’s training and education resources can have on someone’s potential for sustainable employment,” said Julie Dunnigan, executive director of the Goodwill Foundation. “We share similar visions for wanting to break the cycle of poverty. Cameron was drawn to our mission because he knows education and training can have a multi-generational effect on families. An adult who completes high school is less likely to have a child drop out of high school. The impact is immeasurable, and we hope by working together we can end poverty in Arizona.” 

The Foundation supports Goodwill’s mission services, and future plans include investing in programs and facilities that merge education, training and humanitarian resources.