Battling big-box retailers and scaling small businesses can be daunting for multiple reasons. Startups typically have smaller budgets, higher costs, and limited resources, making improving your delivery times difficult. However, implementing same-day delivery can separate you from many businesses that don’t have an online store or near-instant shipping times.

How Can Small Businesses Compete?

Maybe you’re already aware of your need to stay competitive through same-day delivery, but you’re not aware of low-cost ways to obtain this standard. Consider these inexpensive methods.

Invest in Routing Software

Long-haul trailers, bulk cargo trucks, and delivery vans could use truck routing software. As this article by Circuit states, truck routing software is an inexpensive way to create more efficient delivery routes, track delivery for both the business and customer, and offer proof of delivery.

Use Ship-From-Store Model

Businesses with a physical store in a fulfillment area can deliver existing stock directly from the store to a customer’s location. This allows a small business to use their stores as a warehouse and space for regular commerce, which reduces the cost of owning both at once.

Partner With Local Delivery Specialists

Smaller local delivery services will partner with larger services to offer a lower-cost alternative to smaller businesses that would have otherwise used expensive delivery companies. Find a local delivery specialist that already has the required coverage and infrastructure in place.

Why Do You Need Same Day Shipping?

For small businesses who are still unconvinced they need same-day or next-day shipping, consider these stats, trends, and how adhering to these standards keeps you competitive.

Instant Gratification: Today’s consumers expect more goods available at both physical shops and online retailers. Customers would rather pay a higher price at another store than wait for a restock or pay extra for shipping at retailers with said items.

Amazon Sets the Trend: The Prime program stepped up eCommerce significantly, and many small businesses are forced to compete with that model. Amazon has influenced consumer expectations and behavior in a way that can’t be reversed.

Millennials and Gen Z: Both Gen Y and Gen Z, the prime purchasing demographic, grew up in the on-demand economy. New generation buyers don’t mind paying more for same-day shipping, as they’re more concerned with getting the item ASAP.

Smartphones: 85% of Americans own a smartphone, 77% of which own laptops or computers. Americans who use the Internet frequently are more likely to buy items online and research products from other retailers. Same-day shipping will win out.

The evidence shows that faster order fulfillment is here to stay across the United States.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Shipping?

Although retailers are aware that same-day delivery will help your business scale, only half of all eCommerce businesses offer it. If you do provide same-day shipping, you’ll receive these benefits.

Build Customer Loyalty

It’s more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones. Same-day shipping can offer a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Impulsive Buying

Most of your customers are emotional buyers. If they see the option of “same-day” delivery available, especially if it’s free after a certain amount spent, they’re more likely to buy.

Expanded Customer Base

If more customers can get your products quicker, more users will become buyers. Potential buyers who are homebound or prefer to stay home will become accessible to you.

Remain Trendy

A trendy item will likely sell out in store quicker than a customer can buy them, but if you have that item in stock and a same-day shipping option, they’ll choose you over others.

Fast Needs Source

Customers that need a dress for a party or a gift for an event will choose same-day shipping to ensure that product reaches them on time instead of gambling on next-day shipping.