The fear of data breaches and leaks, and the fact that the giants of the online world still struggle with respecting their users’ privacy made us look for better options. Telegram took the hint and, in 2013, launched a privacy-focused, ad-free messaging app.

The world was so interested that in its first year, the app had around 100,000 daily active users! Fast forward to today, and Telegram is still going strong with over 550 million monthly active users. Also, the app is in the top 10 most popular social networks at a global level.

Now, considering its current size and growing popularity, it’s only natural that business-oriented minds found ways to monetize their influence in the social network. And they do so by using two important features offered by the app: channels and groups.

Telegram channels

Channels allow users to create themed groups and share content with people who subscribe. In short, a Telegram channel is a bit like a Facebook group but without the invasion of privacy. Also, only channel admins can publish content – subscribers can read or interact with the content.

Telegram Groups

Groups are spaces where you can engage with your subscribers as every member can post messages and reply. It’s something like a WhatsApp group, but again, with fewer worries about your conversations being snooped on.

So, now how can one use channels and groups to generate income? Here are a few tips:

Choose the Right Tools

When you have a large Telegram community (members that subscribe to your channel), it helps to know how they interact with your content. However, the platform doesn’t offer specialized tools that keep track of analytics data.

So, to know how to monetize your Telegram community you’ll need tools like the ones created by OpenMember. They have analytics, member management tools, and more so you can monitor campaigns and keep track of how people react to your content.

Offer Valuable Content

Anyone can start a channel on Telegram, but you need to attract subscribers – otherwise, there’s no incentive for monetization.

So, how do you attract people’s attention? The same as with any other social media network – by offering content that responds to their needs!

This means that, before anything else, you need to know your audience. Why would people want to read your content? What have you got to offer that they can’t find on other channels? Do your research, find the keywords that work for you, and make sure to study the big guys. Channels like The New York Times or International Geographic may not be your direct competitors, but there’s something to learn from their activity.

Make Use of Links

Telegram has the advantage of placing your brand in front of users who engage with your content. According to stats, the view rate on Telegram channels can easily get to 30%, which is impressive if we compare it with the 10% viewing rate on other platforms.

Of course, you also have to keep the community entertained. But, once you reach a balance and get a hang of it, you can start promoting content from other platforms via links. You can also sell products and services by promoting them on your channel(s). Just make sure to avoid being too salesy – people don’t like that.

Wrap Up

While Telegram is starting to grow, you still need to keep in mind that the platform was designed for user privacy and to keep us away from common cyber threats. So, when running promotional campaigns, try to keep in mind that people who come on this platform are not that big on in-depth personalization and tracking. So keep your approach as light and casual as possible.