Successful advertising campaigns are measured by how effective they are. However, in the past, this was often a problem because there was no reliable way to measure an ad’s success. With the advances in technology, there are now more accurate ways to tell how many people are looking at your ads and who are converting into sales. How good is technology at measuring results, and can you really track the success of your out-of-home (OOH) advertising?

New Technology

There are now many ways that advertisers can track customers and see what they are interacting with.

Geofencing is one way that many marketers are seeing when customers see their ads. This involves showing a certain ad when a customer enters a previously designated area. It may be that it shows a local restaurant or event when they get into the proximity.

There are also new products such as Clear Start by Clear Channel that helps businesses use OHH and deliver better results and more accurate data.

Another new technology that is helping marketing companies are cameras and sensors that can tell if someone looks at an ad and how long they were there.

These types of interaction can trigger different ads to display, or show QR codes and special offers. This helps customers to then use their mobile phone to take online action from what they saw.

Monitoring Sales 

One of the easiest ways to measure the success of an OOH campaign is to measure your sales before and after the campaign.

If it has been a success, you should see a spike in sales or clicks to your website while the OOH is running.

However, this shouldn’t be the only measure you use as it can be inaccurate. If you are running more than one ad campaign at a time, it will be nearly impossible to tell which sales are coming from which ads.

It is best to use a variety of data from different sources so you can get a more accurate picture of the results.


It might seem unlikely, but OOH displays can accurately show how many impressions an ad gets while it is being run.

To do this, GPS and WiFi signals from people’s mobile phones can accurately show when someone walked past an ad and saw the content.

This type of data is invaluable to marketers, as they can see what was the most popular place for an ad to be seen and whether people stopped to look at it or not.

Because of technology such as this, companies can also retarget those customers with online ads and gain more impressions.

Social Media Hashtags 

A simple yet effective way of measuring success is by adding a unique hashtag to your advertising campaign.

You can then effectively monitor how often this is used on social media platforms. It can also start a conversation which may lead to more website hits.


Having a successful advertising campaign is vital to the growth of your company and its brand. As technology moves forward, there will be even better ways to check the effectiveness of OOH campaigns and learn which strategies work.