is an immigration consultancy that provides excellent immigration services to people looking to migrate to Canada with a 4.7-star rating from over 1,300 reviews on Trustpilot. 

Legitimate, Regulated Consultants

One of the strengths of is that it uses Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) licensed by the Canadian government to provide immigration advice and services. To prove their credibility, the RCIC numbers of the consultants are displayed on the website. When checked on the CCIC website, they are legitimate and correspond to the people mentioned on This gives customers peace of mind, knowing they are dealing with qualified, authorized professionals.

Well-researched, In-depth Content

The website also offers well-researched, high-quality immigration content demonstrating the depth of knowledge and experience of the team behind in addition to RCICs. There are articles, guides, and frequently asked questions covering various topics related to Canadian immigration, such as eligibility requirements, work permits, study permits, and citizenship.

This content is also reviewed by the head of RCIC, David Allon, and a professional editor, Kirat Sekhon, to ensure the content contains no misinformation and doesn’t misrepresent the company, immigration processes, or content. 

The website’s content is an excellent resource for anyone seeking information about Canadian immigration. So whether you’re looking for general information about the Canadian immigration process or specific guidance on a particular issue, you’ll find many helpful resources on

A Transparent Approach website also has a thorough breakdown of its privacy policy and terms of use. This transparency is crucial in building trust with customers, and it shows that the website is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. This level of transparency is refreshing and speaks to the site’s commitment to honesty and integrity.

To further prove the legitimacy of their services, has many videos and written testimonials from happy customers who have used their services. These testimonials showcase the positive experiences that others have had with the service. As a result, they attest to the quality of service provided by the website and the professionalism of the RCICs.

Active and Vibrant Social Media is also highly active on social media, boasting a massive following on Facebook with over 395,000 followers and blooming YouTube with 25,000+ subscribers, Twitter with 10,900 followers, Instagram with 173,000 followers, and as of recently TikTok. Each platform offers its unique flavor; while there is some crossover, many platforms have exclusive content, such as longer YouTube videos showcasing their expertise and commitment to providing the best immigration services. 

Additionally, they pack a punch with short-form, engaging TikTok content that keeps their audience hooked. They’re clearly active on their social media and reply to most comments on their posts, offering would-be applicants advice on how to get started.

Improvement Areas

However, services offered by still need to be clarified for potential clients who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the support provided and the associated costs. Although their website does feature a page on their IELTS course, it lacks a dedicated section where users can easily access information about the range of services offered by their Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and a clear pricing structure. 

This omission could potentially be attributed to varying costs across different countries; however, to maintain transparency and enhance user experience, it would be highly beneficial for to create a designated page on their website outlining the full-service breakdown, including details of the assistance provided by RCICs and an explanation of any possible pricing variations. 

Establishing this level of clarity will improve customer trust and position as a reliable resource within the competitive immigration industry.

Pros and Cons of CanadianVisa


  • Fully Credited RCICs
  • A Library of Well-researched Content
  • Well-reviewed on Google and Trustpilot
  • Clear privacy policy and terms and conditions
  • Well-designed and easy-to-navigate site 
  • Highly active social media 


  • No pricing breakdown on site Should You Trust Them?

Overall, is a trustworthy and reliable immigration website that provides excellent immigration services. Their use of RCICs, a vast amount of high-quality, well-researched immigration content, transparent privacy policy and terms of use, and testimonials from satisfied customers make them a top pick for anyone looking to migrate to Canada.