Tempe-based Carvana opened its largest car vending machine in Tempe along the Loop 202 near Scottsdale Road this June.   

Video by Jesse A. Millard

This is the e-commerce platform’s 12th car vending machine, and its first in the firm’s home state. The car vending machine works as a pickup site for customers who purchased one of Carvana’s thousands of used cars through its e-commerce platform.  

The car vending machine, “is a pretty unique structure on its own,” says Ryan Keeton, Carvana co-founder and chief brand officer. “When you (have the structure) fully glassed in, and when you put 34 cars in it, and you light it up in a really cool way, (the car vending machine) definitely makes a statement.”  

When Carvana came up with the idea of a car vending machine, they didn’t want to create just a dealership in the sky, Keeton says. Carvana wanted to create a unique experience for customers.  

Now, Carvana customers in Arizona can pick up their cars from the vending machine. They only have to arrive on site, get their commemorative coin and put it in the slot to watch the car descend like they would watch a bag of chips or candy bar in a regular vending machine. Only this time, it’s their new ride.  

Carvana has had delivery in Arizona since last August, Keeton says, but now customers have the option to pick up their new vehicle from the firm’s famous car vending machine.