CCS Presentation Systems, one of the largest audio-visual integrators in the country, unveiled the high-tech classroom gifted to Cheyenne Elementary School, a K-8 School in the Peoria Unified School District, on Friday, December 1st.

CCS Presentation Systems launched its first ‘Vote Today, Tech Tomorrow’ contest in hopes the efforts would promote education for the future, a cause the company cares deeply about.

Cheyenne Elementary School opened its doors to the community on Saturdays during the duration of the contest to allow parents and community members an opportunity to come in and vote. With more than 500,000 votes cast, the overwhelming support from teachers, students, parents and the community exceeded the company’s expectations and landed Cheyenne in first place.

The high-tech classroom students, parents and members of the media got to experience at Friday’s unveiling included large format interactive flat panels, video conferencing, 3D printing, collaboration furniture, LED lighting, Chromebooks with charging stations for group work and much more.

Students were able to learn about the technology from experienced staff at CCS leading demonstrations. Additionally, John Godbout, CEO and Founder of CCS Presentation Systems spoke along with Cheyenne’s Principal, Dale Shough.