The Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Arizona Medical Association on Thursday launched Be Safe, Be Open AZ!, a campaign to promote the critical safety measures needed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and protect the state’s residents, employees, and healthcare heroes on the front lines of fighting the pandemic.

The leaders of two of the state’s leading organizations representing business and physicians say the partnership unites their sectors in promoting health and safety best practices and in sharing messages that will help slow the spread of COVID.

Glenn Hamer, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber, says businesses are a critical partner in public health and are essential in promoting actions to protect Arizonans.

“If we want to preserve the progress we’ve made over the last several weeks and not backslide toward more infections and overstressed hospitals and risk more business closures, then we all have to adhere to heightened safety protocols,” Hamer said. “The Arizona business community is deeply invested in the health of its employees, its customers, and the public.”

The president of the Arizona Medical Association says Arizonans’ actions will be central to slowing the virus’ spread.

“Prevention is the most important thing we can do to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Dr. Ross Goldberg, president of ArMA. “The data is clear: wearing a mask lowers the chance of spreading the virus. Arizona’s physicians and health care workforce are pleased to join with the business community in imploring Arizonans to be responsible and continue to wear a mask, which, when combined with physical distancing and other simple acts, can dramatically reduce the spread of this virus.”

Arizona has made progress in recent weeks and it is important that business and the public are implementing safety measures for the long haul, Hamer said.

“We cannot take our foot off the gas, and we need to remind people that even when the number of positive cases declines, we can’t let up,” Hamer said. “We must double down on safety, especially as we approach our traditional flu season.”

How can businesses get involved? 

• Visit

• Show your commitment to the safety of your customers and to all Arizonans by following the safety guidance including requiring use of face coverings in your place of business

• Download and print a sign for your business signaling your commitment.

• Take a picture of a sign on your business and post to social media using the hashtag #BeSafeBeOpenAZ

• Support businesses that support safety!


This story was originally published at Chamber Business News.