Charter 100 Arizona, a nonpartisan, networking association for accomplished women leaders from diverse fields, has announced its new board of directors. The purpose of The CHARTER 100 is to recognize outstanding women in the community and to provide a forum for their interaction. Founding board members include Sandra Day O’Connor, Hattie Babbitt and Margaret Hance.

The new Charter 100 AZ board is comprised of:

President, Donna Davis
Vice President, Susan Shultz
Treasurer, Sandra Ferniza
Secretary, Marcia Busching


Maryglenn Boals
Sheila Grinell
Janet Holston
Yvonne Hunter
Beth McRae
Layla Ressler
Jane Rosenbaum
Felecia Rotellini
Lois Savage
Lois Zachary

The organization is run by an active Executive Board which is responsible for providing programming content and overseeing other aspects of the organization’s operations.

Programming consists of monthly meetings and salons, and several special events throughout the year, designed to enlighten and inform members by providing continuing education and opportunities to engage on a variety of topics relevant to their lives.  Speakers of national prominence address the group regarding the latest trends of thought in their respective fields.