Parents put on a brave face for their children during the first dental visit. The truth is that most parents are concerned about their child’s first dental visit. There is nothing to worry about, as the first visit can be a teaching moment for all.


Before taking your child to Parkview Dentistry, sit down and talk to them about the visit. Telling a child they are going to see the dentist doesn’t really educate them about the visit. For the first dental visit, comfort is an important part of creating a link with their dentist. Knowing the why and how of the visit will get rid of the anxiety that comes when visiting a doctor. And when children are comfortable during their first visit, the parents tend to relax just the same. Preparation is a good habit for a first visit that will reward forward thinking by quelling the fear of the unknown.

Meeting The Dentist

A morning appointment will ensure that your child is fresh and alert to meet a professional. Before you meet a dentist, preparing your child should come first. And before you schedule the appointment, preparing the dentist becomes just as important. Discuss any concerns you have over the phone instead of doing it in person with your child present. This includes going over procedures, health history and informing the dentist of potential behavioral problems.

On the first meet, a parent should be present with the child. This creates a rapport for everyone involved before moving forward. From that point forward, it is up to the parent and child to decide the next steps. Some children don’t want to be apart from their parents during the first meeting – that is okay. And some children are fine being away from their parents for a small amount of time. Everyone is different, so the first meeting with their dentist will be a unique appointment.

What To Expect

The first visit can take place with children as early as 12 months of age. It should take no more than an hour, and can include a full exam. This includes tests for the gums, jaws, teeth and oral tissues. The exams are meant as a test to estimate growth and development based on the child’s current dental hygiene. If necessary, a kid-friendly cleaning is performed to help promote healthy teeth development.

X-rays are recommended if needed, but the most important part of the first visit is education. A dentist can fix teeth, but a parent and child are ultimately the key to controlling day to day development. Home care is vital to the success of regularly schedule dental appointments. It makes the difference between going in for a routine checkup, or going in for a major operation. If the first visit is successful, then children will always look forward to future appointments with their dentist.

Oral Hygiene Is Important

Starting dental care young will prevent a lot of physical issues later on in life. Keep up the routine at home, and cement that work by scheduling normal dental visits. Your child needs a great smile, and you can help them maintain it.