Protecting your home requires an extensive security system with many cameras and alarms. Otherwise, a stranger with malicious intent will be able to break into your residence without complications. With a high-quality security system, you can keep them out and be aware of their presence. Nevertheless, security systems are more complex than ever. Therefore, it is difficult to pick the right system for your residence.

Before teaming up with a professional, try to find out what will work well for your system. Use the guide below to do that.

Crime Stats

According to evidence, the number of home burglaries reported in the United States continues to rise. In January 2023, it was reported that over 2.5 million Americans file police home burglary reports each year. Another study reveals around 2.5 million burglary police reports are filed each year. Of the 2.5 million burglary cases, 66 percent were residential break-ins. 

As the economy has taken a major hit from the COVID shutdown, the number of home burglaries is increasing. Even people residing in ritzy areas and low-crime suburbs reported a higher number of home burglaries. 

ADT residential security monitoring systems have proven to be an effective tool to drive down break-ins, burglaries, and property theft. Criminals strive to avoid homes with surveillance systems because they do not want to get caught. 

Professional Monitoring

Should your system be professionally monitored? Ultimately, this is a good feature even if it’ll cost more. When a system is professionally monitored, you don’t have to worry about watching for alerts on your phone. Instead, professionals with the security company will do it. They’ll be aware of potential issues so they can notify the authorities immediately.

It is wise to take advantage of this feature.

Alarms And Sensors

Don’t forget to create a comprehensive system with cameras, alarms, and sensors. Cameras are great for capturing activity. However, they may not alert you of an intruder’s presence until they’ve reached the exterior of your home. Instead, you should try to detect a thief as soon as they enter your property. With sensors and alarms, you can be aware of the problems much sooner.

The sensors can detect when someone is coming up your driveway or walking along your fence line. The alarms will send a notification so you can be aware of the problem.

Considering Costs

Be sure to consider the overall costs of the system. In many cases, you’ll have to pay for the equipment and a monthly fee for storage. If you want a professionally monitored system, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for that feature as well. Take advantage of the best ADT security deals to save money.

Wired Or Wireless Installation

One of the most important decisions consumers need to make when choosing a home surveillance system is the installation. The two installation options include wired and wireless, both of which have pros and cons. The decision should be based on factors like location, number of cameras, professional, or DIY. 

Consumers who plan to install the system themselves will fare better with wireless installation. There is no hardwiring involved so it can be completed easier. The complexity of the wired installation increases with each additional camera.