Dealing and overcoming the challenge of substance abuse is difficult for everyone involved. Whether you’re suffering from the condition yourself, or you’re involved with a loved one who’s tackling the obstacles, you’ll know the journey can be tough and long.

One of the key parts of this journey to recovery is attending rehab, and depending on the nature of the individual condition, this is probably going to be an essential part of the treatment. However, you’re then faced with another decision.

How do you choose the right rehab? In this article, we’re going to explore the five questions you need to ask when looking for the ideal place, ensuring everyone’s best interests are at heart and real progress is made.

1 – Is the rehab certified?

The first, and most important, question you’ll need to ask is whether or not the rehab center you’re choosing to use is certified. This is a vital question because it will show whether the center works within the predetermined rules and guidelines set out by the government and regulation bodies.

Also, this indicates the quality of the treatment provided, and you know the minimum standard the patient will be receiving.

2 – Are the staff members trained?

Of course, while the rehab is certified, you’ll also want to make sure the staff and doctors working within the rehab center are qualified and approved for the job. After all, you need to make sure they’re doing their job correctly and delivering the best results.

Ideally, a rehab worker will need an LADC qualification, a CAP qualification, and a CCDP qualification. They also need to be licensed with both federal and state governing bodies.

3 – What are the success rates?

Another question you’re going to want to ask is what kind of success rates the rehab is offering. If the success rates are low, then this will obviously indicate a problem with the way the rehab works and operates, and you’ll probably want to go elsewhere.

With this point in mind, you may also want to look online for testimonials, or even word of mouth reviews, to see what other kinds of experience people who have used the drug addiction treatment center have had.

4 – What kind of treatment plans are implemented?

It’s imperative you pay attention to what kind of treatment plan the rehab center is offering, and how this is going to sit with the loved one, or yourself, who is going in for treatment.

Some treatment centers will offer a one-size-fits-all plan that they’ll offer to all patients. This will work for some and not for others. However, for the best results, you’ll want to use a rehab center that offers individualized plans that suit each specific individual.

5 – Does the center work with insurance companies?

The final important question you’ll need to ask is whether the rehab works with your insurance company. Since many treatment plans will need to be paid for, many will opt to use their insurance company to help cover the costs.

However, if the rehab you’ve chosen will not work with your insurance company, this may not be possible, at least not easily, so you’ll need to find a way around it, or opt to use a different service.


This is only scratching the surface of what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing the rehab that’s right for you or your loved ones. However, with these questions by your side, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re making the right choice.