Online shopping is projected to break records this holiday season. A new study shows nearly 40 percent of consumers have been victims of package theft, and holiday shoppers in Arizona are the No. 9 most at-risk.

Online shopping from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 is projected to increase to $136 billion, a 13% jump from 2018.  Driven by Amazon, the package delivery industry is expected to reach $107 billion.  This has created a new avenue for criminals and a new term: “Porch Pirate.” today released a study on States Most At-Risk For Package Theft using the most recent data on larceny thefts from buildings from the FBI as well as survey results from more than 1,000 consumers across the country.

Here are key findings:

• Arizona ranks No. 9 with 2,107 larceny thefts per 100,000 residents.

• Larceny from buildings is the 3rd most common type accounting for 10.6% of all cases. Larceny from vehicles in No. 1 at 34.2% and shoplifting is No. 2 at 20.8%.

• 89% of larceny thefts occur in major metro areas.

Here are the most common steps to prevent package theft:

• Install doorbell camera (29%), install outdoor camera (23%), have packages sent to another address (17%), get a security system (12%).

• Other suggested solutions: Give letter carrier a key, schedule deliveries when you are home, deliver packages to your workplace, use an Amazon locker.