Brain Contents Inc., the world’s leading provider of pre-generated lottery numbers, has just launched version 2.0 of their popular app, Lottopia. The app, which caters to American lottery players, has received a complete overhaul. Its new design now streamlines the way users engage with America’s two largest national lottery games, Powerball and Mega Millions.

The new version of Lottopia arrives at an opportune time. The Mega Millions estimated Jackpot is currently valued at $1 billion. That’s the 2nd highest Jackpot amount in US history. Not to be completely outdone, Powerball’s current Jackpot comes in at a respectable $430 million.

Lottopia provides services for both games. Its system utilizes an advanced algorithm to generate lottery numbers based on historical draw data. These numbers are used instead of random combinations such as Quick Picks. The unique system found much success in its native South Korea. To date, 89 winners have hit that country’s national lottery jackpot using these numbers.

The app’s winning success is due to its advanced algorithm, LASS (or Lottery Analytics System). LASS parses historical Powerball and Mega Millions draw results. By studying winning combinations, the app isolates patterns within that are hot or cold. It then generates numbers based on this data and a set of rules representing “best practices.” These combinations routinely outperform favorite choices like birthdays and anniversaries.

The analytics system is not the only new upgrade. This version of the app also boasts a suite of utilitarian features to help play the lottery. Users can now add tickets which will be stored in a personalized database. A live countdown timer indicates the time remaining until the next draw. Results are constantly updated and the users’ ticket values will be calculated.

More hardcore users will have the complete historical results for both games at their fingertips. Some may study analytic reports to search for interesting patterns and combinations. Others read the feel-good news stories for a little motivation to take part in the next draw. In short, the app has a little bit for everyone who enjoys playing the lottery. At the very least, it removes the hassle of traditional ticket management.

The app is now available for download on Android. Its new version for iOS will be available within the next week.