Salt River Project customers have until July 1 to take advantage of a $3,500 incentive from Nissan North America to purchase a 2019 Nissan LEAF. Through a group-purchase program, Nissan will provide the $3,500 instant rebate off MSRP to eligible SRP customers who purchase the all-electric 2019 LEAF from a participating Maricopa County dealership with the added potential for a $7,500 federal tax credit.

“We know the public is embracing electric vehicles, and helping to support that is just one part of SRP’s commitment to help reduce carbon emissions in the Valley,” said Kelly Barr, SRP Associate General Manager and Chief Corporate Services and Sustainability Executive.

Cars and other modes of transportation on roads are major contributors to air pollution in the Valley, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Driving an electric vehicle can provide access to the HOV lane and save owners money in several different ways such as fuel costs, vehicle license fees and maintenance costs.

As part of the recently adopted SRP 2035 Sustainability Goals, SRP is committed to supporting the enablement of 500,000 EVs in SRP’s service territory and provide programs and price plans to manage up to 90 percent of EV charging. In addition, SRP has the largest workplace charging program in Arizona for employees who drive electric vehicles.

To participate in Nissan’s incentive program, customers should log onto to download and print the flyer and bring a copy of their SRP utility bill or e-bill. This incentive program is only available for a limited time until July 1, while supplies last, and may be subject to additional limitations and eligibility requirements. Nissan is responsible for paying for all incentives.

SRP residential customers who purchase or lease a qualified electric vehicle are eligible to join the SRP EV Community where they can receive a $50 Amazon gift card and the latest industry research, news and information by logging on to