Spanish translation services: Establishing a global connection

Business News | 23 Jul, 2019 |

Someone rightly said, “The whole world is a global village.” Globalization has transcended all types of barriers, even the finest ones, such as lingual barriers. In the era of high connectivity and increased global networking, it is almost next to impossible to exist with the knowledge of a single language. Very recently, Spain was accorded with the recognition of becoming the fourth largest congress destination for business tourism. With the status of being one of the most frequented destinations for business, education and tourism, the avenues to build opportunities with Spain are endless.Interestingly, language happens to be the foundation stone on which an edifice of industrial relations can be created. And to build a strong foundation in acing Spanish, Pangeanic, offering the best Spanish translation servicesis here by your side. You can view the service here.

Institutions are offering foreign business language courses alongside mainstream disciplines, businesses have placed the knowledge of a foreign language as their essential selection criteria, and the nation requires advanced translators to foster sustainable relations in international conferences and summits. History of this language dates back to as old as the thirteenth century and is replete with rulers and kingdoms that standardized the dialect within their rule and for the purpose of official documentation.  Since then, Spanish has come a long way, adopting the status of both colloquial and formal languages across Europe, America and Africa.

The fine team of European Spanish and Latin American natives specialize in the fields of technical translations, legal translations, medical translations, business translations, basically covering every aspect of the language’s syntax. The choicest Spanish department gives the assurance of impeccable quality with its European translation Standard ISO 17100 for a customized yet accurate and consistent service. Be it one or 100 translations, Pangeanic maintains its quality with reduced process times and efficient server-based translations.

Why Choose Pangeanic Spanish Translation Services?

Spanish happens to be the second most widely spoken language, with over and above 500 million speakers. It is recognized as one of the top global languages spreading across oceans and continents.

Pangeanic offers translation services to a large audience with unparalleled consistency. Chances are if you make use of Google’s translation services or for that matter miscellaneous online dictionary websites, results will not be as accurate as Pangeanic’s, for the simple fact that Google translators and websites do not understand the context in which the word or a sentence needs to be translated. Here comes the USP of Pangeanic. Its state of the art translation tools help in building quality content and that too within a defined contextual framework. In this way, the translations are as desired by customers without changing the meaning or the nature of circumstance whatsoever.

Pangeanic resonates with the greater influence of ‘Espanol’ and brings to fore a host of large and small services, be it commercial translations, editing services, fully translating scripts into any other language desired.

Here are some of the top translation services:

1. Spanish to English and English to Spanish services:

It is a fact widely acknowledged that the roots of English and Spanish are firmly interspersed. Which is why Pangeanic consists of the finest pool of experts across the English speaking nations of the US, UK and Canada, adept at spoken and written Spanish. All translators are approved professionals with prior experience in Spanish speaking countries.

As for the translation, every translator has a defined field to work upon ranging from legal English Spanish translations to translations for the purpose of academia and business.

2. Website Translation Services: According to B2B research, the number of online businesses has grown over the past few years, with 64 per cent of small business websites. Local businesses are also set for a growth trajectory and this calls for efficient branding and marketing services. Language is no exception. The expert professionals at Pangeanic make use of latest technology for ensuring efficacy of web translations to translate a host of e commerce and blogging sites and cater to an audience of 500 million and beyond. They tap into keywords and tags most suitable for the translated scripts.

3. Medical Translation Services: Being ISO 13845 certified makes Pangeanic reach out to the global markets as far as medical services are concerned. From Spanish databases to surveys, from deciphering medical jargons to translating packaging and labelling content on medicines, the highly specialized team of Pangeanic approved translators offer limitless services. They are also entrusted with working in tandem with life science and medical companies. The medical translation specialists base their work on English Spanish dictionaries from the likes of European pharma association among other quality references.

With an eye for detail and precision, quality content translation, accurate contextual interpretations, the diversely integrated team at Pangeaniccombines the benefits of cutting edge databases, language tools and applications, making it sought after for its incisive commercial, legal, technical, medical and other translation services.

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