Sending parcels overseas is now easier than ever, thanks to more advanced technology that makes for the faster processing and shipping of packages. But this is also thanks in part to the plethora of courier services nowadays which can arrange for pickup services and which have better procedures for sending out different kinds of items to different parts of the globe. But of course, even with all these advancements in shipping, if you are planning to ship an item overseas, there are some essential considerations as well. If you would like to send parcels abroad, here’s what you should always do to make sure that they arrive at the destination quickly and in perfect condition.

Standard postal services or couriers?

There are plenty of logistical concerns with international shipping, as it often goes through a myriad of contractors, transport methods, and various postal authorities and organizations. If you are using standard postal services to ship an item to Australia, for example, it can take up to three months before it gets delivered. The same is true for other regions, such as Asia, Africa, and South America. Even recipients in North America may have to wait for up to 6 weeks to get their items delivered by standard post. But if you want your package to move fast, it’s better to rely on a courier service. The expense of a courier service isn’t that much compared to a standard postal service, but you can expect a service which can deliver your package within as little as four days (for a premium service) to around two weeks (for an economy service).

Consider drop-offs and pickups

When sending a parcel overseas, you may take advantage of a courier company’s parcel pickup service, where they will simply collect the package from your location. But you can also take advantage of drop-off services, which have become increasingly popular, and these drop-off points are usually comprised of shops at different locations. Many business owners opt for drop-off services because they can easily choose the time that’s convenient for them to drop off the parcel. It’s a handy service if you are usually out of the office or out of your home.

Think about the costs

Of course, when you are choosing a courier service, one of the most critical factors you should think about is the time and speediness of delivery. But the cost of the service is also another factor, especially if you are sending more than a few parcels. Often, the higher the rate, the better and speedier the delivery, so think about this as well. Also, with higher rates come more comprehensive and thorough tracking information. If your package doesn’t need to be sent at a specific time, you can opt for a courier service that’s less expensive, but make sure to check their process of tracking as well as their liability policy if the package gets lost or damaged.

Be careful with customs requirements

Once you have chosen your courier and have packed your parcel accordingly (you can always go to to get all the packaging materials you need), you also have to be mindful of customs requirements. Each country has its own customs requirements, so make sure you are familiar with the requirements of the location to which you are sending your parcel. There are some items which are obviously restricted, but there are items which you may not even know are restricted in a specific country. For instance, you can’t send sports equipment and audio cassettes to India, and you can’t send playing cards to Mexico, either. Catalogues, magazines, and calendars are also restricted in Australia – so do your research on the country to make sure about their rules on importation. If you have made reservations with your courier over the Internet, you will often be given a web-based or downloadable form which you have to fill in with the details of the contents of your parcel. When filling in this form, be as comprehensive, thorough, and descriptive as possible.