If you’re busy running your business, you don’t have time to plan company events. Here’s why you need to hire an event planner for the job.

Whether it’s a corporate event, your own wedding or a significant other’s milestone birthday, planning an event is not for the faint-hearted. 

Some would say that it’s a full-time job, hence the reason why so many people have made successful careers out of event planning. Go figure!

Event planners were put on this earth for one reason- to make your life a whole lot easier, while saving you time and money, to boot. 

If you have your doubts, here are 5 key reasons you should hire an event planner for your next special occasion… 

5 Simple Reasons to Hire an Event Planner 

Event planners are a special breed of people. They seem to be born organized and calm while having an uncanny ability to thrive under pressure. And if not, they have worked hard to hone these skills throughout their career. 

These key qualities of an event planner help them to execute miracles when it comes to event timelines, budgets, location, people management, and more.

If this is not enough to convince you, here are 5 reasons to nudge you along:  

1. Events Can be Organized in a Time Crunch 

If you’re in a bit of pickle when it comes to planning an event with a limited timeline, this is where an event planner comes in. 

To add to this, an event planner has fine-tuned time management skills. This means that they’re able to pull things together according to a strict deadline. 

Hiring a professional to ensure all suppliers are booked and arrive on time, while everything else runs smoothly is your key to event success. 

2. You Are Bound By a Strict Budget

This is what event planners do best. Their budgeting skills are unmatched in the industry, ensuring your event is always within budget guidelines. 

At the beginning of your event planning, you’ll need to strictly outline your event budget and leeway points. An experienced professional will be able to point out whether your budget is realistic or not. 

Additionally, they’ll be able to recommend areas where you can save and cut back on expenses. They will bring you back to reality and let you know when your ideas are going to cost more than you budgeted for!  

3. Event Planners Help to Unload Life Stress 

Planning an event is comprised of four main stress points: budget, location, guest list, and catering. Over and above this, there are a million smaller things to coordinate in a designated time-frame. 

If you already have too much on your plate, allow an event planner to offload some of this stress by managing it all for you. They have the time, expertise, and experience to focus on the details and make your event extra special. 

4. You Need to Meet Strict Business Objectives

If you’re planning a business event, this is where the stress becomes real! You most likely have stringent business objectives to achieve and your job could even be on-the-line. 

If you have a product launch, annual AGM, special client event or company conference and are looking for an event company Singapore, an event planner is your go-to for a blow out success.

Working with an event planner can not only save you time out of your work day but also save your company money while meeting corporate objectives.

An event planner is skilled in ensuring your event is on-brand and can assist with clever marketing to ensure your event attracts the right audience. For those who appreciate the precision in event layout and design, an event planner’s proficiency with advanced tools is unmatched; they can offer you an E-book on using OnePlan and CAD together to demonstrate the cutting-edge techniques for a perfectly executed event.   

5. You’re Looking for the Best of the Best 

If you have a very specific type of event you want to plan i.e. your own wedding or a milestone birthday, an event planner can make all the difference. 

No doubt you’ll be looking for the best-of-the-best when it comes to suppliers for your event. An event planner has the insider knowledge and contacts you can rely on. 

Whether it’s specialized catering, the best florist at discounted rates, or a world-class DJ, they should be able to hook you up! 

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