Convert all sorts of files online – from video to image, camera raw to JPG, PDF to PNG and more. Also, you can resize images to reduce file size.

The Select method is more efficient than the ConvertAll method. It works on all IEnumerable<T> objects, while ConvertAll only works on a list of objects.

What is a JPEG File?

JPEG is a popular image file format that allows users to save images with a smaller storage size. It uses the method of lossy compression to reduce file size without sacrificing picture quality. If you want to know more about what is a jpeg file read below.

It is a 24-bit still raster image format that can support up to 16 million colors. However, it does not support transparency.

JPEG is a lossy compression format, which means that some original image information is lost during the compression process. This can result in a noticeable degradation of image quality. Although the standard allows for an optional lossless mode, this is rarely implemented in products. Because of this, JPEGs are not ideal for photos or other images that require high-fidelity reproduction.

The file extension is named after the Joint Photographic Experts Group, a sub-committee of ISO that helped to create this still picture coding standard. The word “JPEG” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term jpg, but this is misleading. The jpg extension was originally required to prevent Microsoft Windows from exceeding its 3-letter limit for file extensions.

To reduce the file size, the pixel data is first resampled to half its original size. Then, the chrominance channels are downsampled to a quarter of their original size. This step results in some loss of quality, but the visual changes are often not noticeable.

JPEG is one of the most popular file formats on the Internet due to its compression and universal browser/OS support. It is not the best choice for images with a lot of text, however, as it can lead to poor text readability because it uses lossy image compression. If you’re working with images that need to be edited frequently, it is recommended that you use a different format such as PNG or GIF.

JPEG files are raster images, which are defined by geometric shapes like polygons, lines and curves, circles and rectangles. They can have various color gradations and are the Web standard for images found on the Web. JPEGs are perfect for photos and artwork with smooth, flowing edges.

How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac

If you are looking to convert multiple JPG files into a PDF document, there are a number of online and offline tools that can help. These tools can help you maintain the quality of your images, organize them in a more manageable format and also distribute the file much more efficiently.

To convert jpg to pdf conversion on Mac, you can use the built-in program called Preview. Simply open the image you want to turn into a PDF and then click on File, followed by Export as PDF. This will give you a new PDF document with all the original image details intact. This process is quite easy and straightforward.

Using a third-party app can make the process even more simple and convenient. You can download an app such as Photo to PDF Converter by DLM Infosoft from the Apple App Store. This app lets you quickly convert multiple images into a PDF file that can be easily distributed on the web. The app is free to use, but it does come with ads.

Another option is to use a desktop tool like Wondershare PDFelement. This tool lets you transform several files at once, adjust the PDF settings and add other formatting. It’s a great choice for users who want to have complete control over their file conversions. It also comes with editing and OCR features that can be used on the PDF file after the conversion. You can learn more about this tool by watching the video below.

Convertall is a free and secure online file converter (audio

Some online converters offer their tools as browser extensions, allowing users to convert files by simply clicking on the extension. This boosts convenience, accessibility and user experience.

This software program converts almost all audio file formats into 35 output formats. It also has the ability to compress audio files, reducing their size without sacrificing quality. It is also able to normalize audio, adjusting it to a specified level.

Unlike other free online converters, this tool does not include a watermark. Moreover, it can be used in any portable device and does not alter your Windows registry entries. It also includes a unit conversion dialog for converting between different base units, including decimal, hexadecimal and octal. A GUI font selection button has also been added.


Convert videos and audios to and from more than 150 popular formats. Edit video files with advanced tools to crop, rotate, add watermark and filters, etc.

Supports the latest codecs for high quality conversion. HD, 2K QHD and 4K UHD are supported. Optimized presets for Apple/Microsoft devices, Android devices and YouTube are provided.

The unit data formulas for kilobyte, megabyte and other powers-of-10 data units have been updated to use SI standard units rather than IEC standard. The astronomical (au) and parsec units have been added, along with a Swedish translation and Catalan unit translation. An optional command line mode has been added to convert files without using the graphical interface. The introductory tip dialog box has been improved. Various minor bugfixes and code cleanup have also been made.


Free online image file converter that supports a wide range of target formats. Also provides several image enhancements (black and white, sepia and negative) as well as filters to add a unique touch to your images during conversion. The tool also allows you to change the quality, DPI and image size. Add a text or image watermark on the final output. It’s all possible in just a few clicks. Instant and high-quality file conversions guaranteed.


Added an option to run Convertall in command line mode (without the graphical interface). This is useful for people who need to convert large numbers of files on a regular basis. Also, a simple input form was added so that conversions can be done by entering a number, a from unit and a to unit. Added alternate units for kilobyte, megabyte, etc. These now use powers of 10, rather than powers of 2. Also, kilobytes and megabytes are now shown as SI units.

Added an option to move, copy or delete the source files after conversion. This is useful for people who need to transfer converted files from one system to another. Also, you can now choose to respect PDF password protection or skip it during the conversion process.

Batch file conversion

Convertall is a cloud-based tool that works without installing software on your device. It supports most modern image file formats and performs conversions in a matter of seconds. It also provides a command line mode for converting files without the graphical interface.

Conversions are performed on Aspose servers, which is why the converter can support so many different file formats. It is fast, easy to use and provides high-quality results.

New unit features include a searchable unit list and a drop-down menu for selecting the base unit to convert to. In addition, simple unit exponents can now be typed using just the number, and units can be grouped in parenthesis for denominator calculations. Other improvements include improved handling of international text and the hectopascal and gigapascal data units.