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Whether you’re a recluse who’s an avid reader or you just know your way around getting along with people, there’s a big chance you’ve come across the popular phrase – “information is power”. This is more so if you’re an entrepreneur and have a profound appetite for success.

Well, this is a modern-day rehash of the phrase knowledge is power, which was originally coined by English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon back in the mid-16th century.

Pardon what would seem like a class of history 101, but here’s something we can all agree on. Nothing is more important in this age and day than being able to communicate effectively about your brand with clarity to your audience.

Among other things, your revenue, profit, and growth depend on it, and this is where the importance of copywriting comes in.

Importance of Copywriting for Business Owners

Copywriting simply means using words creatively to communicate to people about your brand, product, or service and convince them to take a certain desired action. The word “copy” doesn’t necessarily; mean duplicating other people’s work to do so.

Rather, it means that you can brainstorm and borrow ideas from other businesses in your market or industry to better your marketing and branding approach. In a nutshell, though, strong copywriting skills can have numerous advantages for any business owner.

Some of the ways copywriting skills can help a business include:

• Boosting brand awareness

• Promoting sales and enhancing revenue

• Elevating customer service

• Ensuring a solid presence on the web

To achieve these and other crucial things in today’s highly competitive business climate, however, business owners need to prioritize certain copywriting skills.

Crucial Technical Skills You Need As a Business Owner

As much as the phrase might not carry much weight, copywriting sometimes involves very straining and technical tasks.

From curating creative ads to creating captivating videos and description text, some of these tasks may even require professional training in a reputable institution to get the job done.

Nonetheless, here are some five types of technical skills you should have yourself or in your team as a business owner in modern times.

1. Ad copywriting

While guys within the gen Z bracket may call them Ads, the term commercials would perhaps be more significant to Millenials and before. Ad copywriting involves writing everything from concept to execution of a commercial or advertisement.

It includes all the description, narration, and visual content that go into the production of the advertisement. It is therefore important to hire an ad creatives copywriter to help with it if at all you can’t do it yourself.

2. Social media copywriting

When it comes to social media, you might be at a loss about what to say, and what not to say, in your posts. You don’t want to accidentally misrepresent yourself or your business online for the entire world to see.

Copywriting is this key when you want to articulate your brand properly on social media, whether it’s through Facebook posts, tweets, or IG posts.

If Meta (FB) is your preferred way to help you reach your targeted audience, it’s good to have a professional copywriter with expertise in Facebook ad design as well as writing compelling posts for your business profile page.

And now that TikTok seems to be all the rage, you may also need a copywriter with experience in creating captivating audiovisual and text content for your TikTok ads.

3. Website copywriting

Web copywriting is arguably one of the most crucial skills you need as a business owner. It is the one element that can have the biggest impact on any online business, including your own, and should therefore be made a priority.

Website copywriting is especially important when you want to create targeted and effective landing pages, descriptions, and images that will bring in huge numbers of new clients for your business.

4. Email Copywriting

Email copywriting is the art of communicating your message to an audience, most especially about your organization. It involves the craft of designing, writing, and mass-sending emails.

Personalized email design and copywriting are key to making sure you consistently turn your readers into customers.

5. SEO copywriting

SEO writing requires a lot of trial and error to pull in great results, and not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to come up with stellar blog posts, descriptions, images, and other content for your website that will satisfy the most demanding and ever-critical customer.

Without professional and experienced writers on your team, this is an impossible feat. With stellar copywriting skills in place, it becomes easier to optimize your business website enough to rank high on Google and attract more traffic, while increasing brand awareness.

6. Research and conversational writing skills

Building, researching, and executing ad campaigns is all about obtaining and understanding insights into your target customers. These insights are obtained from various sources, including their demographic data, preferences, and behavior.

Though research may often feel like a drag, you need to take advantage of it by tapping into the knowledge and expertise of content writers in the area.

This goes hand in hand with other soft skills, including empathy, curiosity, critical thinking, and the ability to write copies in a conversational tone.

With these skills in your business, you can then create engaging content that will be something your customers are willing to share online and make your voice heard.

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