Ideally, website owners should keep on updating their website to remain under Google or any other search engine’s radar. Practically, updating a website every time to gain ranking is not a smart approach. So, what to do? There comes the best SEO Company in India in play where they suggest relatable, informative, highly engaging, and SEO-oriented blog posts to match with the purpose.

Content marketing is also a part of the best SEO services that SEO wizards follow every now & then with greed to achieve higher rankings.

Is your website optimized with well-written blog posts? Are you clueless about SEO blog posts? Do you feel blog post writing is a huge challenge or obstacle for your business?

You may have endless questions about how, when, why, what, and whom to approach for blog posts, but this article will make your day.

A few outstanding SEO-friendly blog post writing tips will help you hit the hot point.

Ask yourself,

• What am I going to write?

• Which structure to follow?

• How would I suppose to craft a draft?

• How to weave keywords into the content?

Answer to all the above questions will help you walk on the right trail. See, how?

What could be the topic?

You must know everything about your business. What you need to do is, to let the content creator understands your services, products, or the whole business. If you are handling the writing part, make sure to research enough about the current trend, potential customers, competitors’ strategy, and keyword research to create the most appealing content. Ask yourself about the message you want to pass on to the public about your product or services. What is the purpose behind writing? Just brainstorm answers to these basic questions to bring out the contents.

How could be the blog post structure?

A rule of thumb says the structure should be SEO-friendly as well as readable. Many websites prefer keyword-stuffed content which doesn’t make any sense. You should not follow the same, and thus, doing a little practice is necessary. Start covering, introduction content, a body part that includes the main message, and then the conclusion, which has an inherent purpose in writing.

In fact, you just need to give a compelling title, start with high-class and understandable introduction content, give a brief about the topic, and then add a short ending.

In just three easy steps, you could complete your blog post.

Crafting a draft wisely

Lots of people or writers don’t know when to press enter for the new paragraph. They don’t even know that people don’t want to read those lengthy straight paragraphs. You will have to give them bumps, in the sense of breakthrough to help them read attentively.

If you are someone who starts every new sentence from a new paragraph, you need to leave this habit because it’s not compelling at all.

Ask yourself about the main purpose of the paragraph. Try to summarize the main motive of a sentence in one paragraph. And, if it becomes hard to build them all in one paragraph or if it looks too much lengthy, then & then you should go for the next paragraph.

The smart way of including keywords into content

Keywords are the soul of the whole motive of blog post writing. If you miss placing keywords rightly, you could not eat the fruits (loss benefits). Practice to use transition words like ‘therefore’, ’finally’, ‘basically’, and many such to keep on connecting with the audience. And, when it comes to keywords, be smart to place keywords in such a way that they sound natural instead of stuffed.   

In the end, there are many SEO plugins that will smooth the work of keyword research, ranking, optimizing, monitoring, and improving. For advanced help, you can associate with the best SEO agency that covers all digital marketing services to help your business stand on the top.