Arizonans looking for an alternative way to save on health services like dental and vision care have a new option to consider, a dental discount card thanks to Delta Dental of Arizona.

“The healthcare industry continues to evolve in ways to give patients and their providers more choice in how they work together to manage the cost of care,” says Michael Jones, president and CEO of Delta Dental of Arizona. “We want to make sure we’re doing all we can to stay innovative and give Arizonans more choice and more flexibility. We know that not everybody wants to or can take advantage of full coverage dental and vision insurance. Patient Direct gives Arizonans another way to save money on the health services they need.”

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Delta Dental of Arizona’s new Patient Direct program is not insurance. It’s a discount buying program that allows members to receive a minimum of 20% off dental services and treatments performed in-office with an Arizona-based participating dentist. Plus, there are no waiting periods and no frequency limitations on dental services. Patient Direct members are encouraged to work with their dentist to determine the best course of treatment for their oral health needs. With Patient Direct’s large dental network (over 1,600 access points throughout Arizona), visiting a participating dentist is easy and affordable.

In addition to the 20% discount on dental services and treatment, Patient Direct members can save on eye exams, eyeglasses, contacts, LASIK and more through a partnership with EyeMed Vision Care. As enrollment in the program grows, the list of discounts and offers on other health services will grow too.

“This new program is ideal for retirees on fixed incomes, gig workers or young professionals—really anyone who isn’t getting dental or vision insurance from their employer or an individual plan,” Jones says. “We often hear that the primary reason people don’t take care of their health is because of cost concerns, so we made sure to keep the monthly rate for Patient Direct low, about the price of a blended coffee.”

Enrollment in Patient Direct is $8 per month for individuals and $12 per month for families/households, billed annually. To learn more or to enroll, visit