In what has become an annual tradition to honor, support and celebrate Arizona’s teachers, the Fiesta Bowl Organization awarded $1 million to teachers through the Desert Financial Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers program.

A three-day Virtual Draft Day presented by Salt River Project (SRP) granted 400 K-12 public and charter school teachers a $2,500 wish to be implemented in their classrooms. A full list of teachers who received a Desert Financial Fiesta Bowl Charities Wishes for Teachers grant may be found here.

“I love Desert Financial Fiesta Bowl Charities Draft Day presented by SRP, it is so exciting when we call each teacher to let them know their name was selected as a grant recipient,” said Patrick Barkley, Chairman of the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors. “Wishes for Teachers is well-known around the state as the preeminent program for teacher support. My mom was a teacher, and we all know teachers who inspire us with their selfless work.”

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The 400 teachers represent 300 schools in 63 cities across the state, teaching more than 200,000 students in 84 districts over 75 subjects, from social studies to special education, literature to leadership, music to math.

“They may not wear capes, but teachers are real-life superheroes. They give tirelessly to their students and Wishes for Teachers is our opportunity to reward them for their efforts,” said Jeff Meshey, President and CEO at Desert Financial. “Desert Financial was founded by teachers—we continue their legacy by returning as the title partner for this year’s Wishes for Teachers, in partnership with Fiesta Bowl Charities. Teachers often pay for school supplies out of their own pockets, so there’s no greater way to express our gratitude than by granting their classroom wishes.”

Each fall, Arizona K-12 public or charter school teachers are invited to fill out an online application detailing a school or classroom need. Thee wishes are verified and selected by random drawing for teachers to receive a grant. Over the six years of the program, Fiesta Bowl Wishes for Teachers granted $4.7 million to more than 1,200 Arizona teachers, impacting more than 500,000 children across the state.

“Helping teachers, supporting children in the classroom and improving our overall community is what we strive for and do daily at SRP, which is a not-for-profit, community-based utility,” said Andrea Moreno, manager of SRP Community Stewardship. “SRP contributes more than $1.3 million to education initiatives, grants and partnerships throughout Arizona, in addition to providing free training and resources to educators throughout the state, but draft day is special because of the element of surprise and the joy it gives our sacrificial educators.”

Each of the 400 unique wishes will benefit teachers, schools and students by providing technology, classroom furniture, fitness equipment, reading materials and much more.

“Teachers are our unsung heroes, who give so much to our students in helping them become tomorrow’s leaders. Giving them a spotlight for their selfless work and support them with extra resources is an important part of the Fiesta Bowl’s commitment to our community,” said Mike Nealy, Fiesta Bowl Executive Director. “Thanks to our partners Desert Financial and SRP, Wishes for Teachers help rewards Arizona’s teachers and give them a step forward in ways they may have only wished.”