Dogs and cats save their owners from “ruff,” lonely days and Desert Financial is making it free to adopt one of 40 dogs and cats from November 12th to 15th. Visit for a matchmaking appointment.

In Maricopa County, there are about 1,400 homeless animals in need of new best friends at any time, including some recently rescued by AAWL from puppy mills. Animals have brought many families joy and peace during the pandemic, easing stress and alleviating isolation. There is no better time to adopt.

To preserve safety, interested parties must meet adoptable friends at the shelter in Phoenix by appointment only at, or by calling: 602-273-6852. Furry friends sponsored by Desert Financial will be identified on each pet’s page.

Trained matchmakers help adoptive families find new family members that meet their needs for age, breed, physical conditions, temperament, activity level, etc. Children are welcome to come meet the animals during appointments, and masks are required.

“If you have room in your heart and home, we wanted to make it a little easier to say ‘yes’ to adoption,” said Jeff Meshey, president and CEO at Desert Financial Credit Union. “Working with our longtime partners at AAWL to cover fees is an investment we’re proud to make,” he went on.

Dogs and cats waiting for forever families at AAWL are:

• Vaccinated

• Spayed/neutered

• Microchipped for identification if lost

• Medically evaluated

• Treated for fleas/ticks

• Health insured for 30 days

Judith Gardner, President and CEO said, “Community partners like Desert Financial are an integral part of our lifesaving mission as Arizona’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter, and we appreciate their longtime support of AAWL.” No-kill shelters only euthanize animals if they’re terminally ill, and otherwise work with partners to find homes for all animals in need of one.

WHO: Arizona Animal Welfare League

WHAT: Adoption Days, sponsored by Desert Financial Credit Union

WHEN: November 12-15, 2020. Visit to schedule your appointment

WHERE: Main shelter by appointment: 25 N. 40th Street, Phoenix

COST: All adoption fees are covered by Desert Financial Credit Union