Devoted Health, one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the United States, has launched in Arizona across Maricopa County and is enrolling members during the current Medicare Annual Enrollment Period that started on October 15. The company is dedicated to providing seniors with the best quality care and experience possible, with an emphasis on extraordinary customer service.

Devoted Health’s co-founders, Ed Park and Todd Park, are distinguished industry leaders and their next-generation approach has made the company one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the United States. Ed Park, Devoted Health CEO, was the former Chief Technology Officer and President of Athenahealth which is a leading electronic medical records company, and Todd Park, Devoted Health Executive Chairman, was a co-founder of Athenahealth and the former U.S. Chief Technology Officer.  Leading the new Arizona launch are Devoted Health Arizona Market President Keith Dines, Vice President of Network Management Rick Rock, and Medical Director Dr. Brian Riveland, who all have decades of experience with healthcare, physician organizations, insurance and Medicare products in Arizona.

“Our mission is to dramatically improve the health and wellbeing of seniors by taking care of each and every person like they are literally a member of our own family. It is the entire reason our company exists,” said Ed Park. “We would all want the very best healthcare in the world for our own Mom and Dad—the right care in the right place at the right time, delivered in a consistent, coordinated, proactive way.  We work closely with our physician partners to ensure that our members get this kind of care—keeping them as healthy and well as possible.”

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Devoted Health is offering three different plans in the Arizona market, including the Core (HMO), a $0 monthly premium plan with drug coverage with copays as low as $0; the Select (HMO), a low monthly premium plan which offers rich benefits, such as routine and comprehensive dental care and low copays for specialists and inpatient hospital stays; one of the nation’s most unique Medicare plan options, Flex (HMO). Benefits also include free personal emergency response systems and bathroom safety equipment, as well as money for members to spend on gym equipment, fitness trackers, and more.

The newly released Flex plan offers comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage with moderate member cost sharing, a low monthly plan premium and requires no referrals to see network providers. The plan gives members a quarterly $750 allowance ($3000 annually) called MyFlex that puts the member in the driver’s seat of their healthcare by being able to spend dollars on supplemental services not typically covered under Original Medicare. Available services include massage therapy, gym membership, personal trainers, comprehensive dental, routine acupuncture, chiropractic services, eyeglasses, contacts and the purchase of at-home fitness equipment.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our members here in Arizona gets the kind of care that we would want for our own families,” said Dines. “Devoted Health truly believes in partnering with the best doctors, clinicians, and hospitals to help them deliver the very best health care possible. We want to offer the kind of attentive care that we would give to our own families by building relationships with our members and their doctors, not barriers. Devoted Health has partnered with more than four thousand physicians and eighteen hospitals across Maricopa County to serve its members.”

Devoted Health partners closely with primary care physicians who focus on preventative care and management of chronic conditions and oversee care for all members.  Devoted Health supports this care with dedicated Devoted Health Guides who, aided by Devoted Health’s powerful technology, help members navigate the healthcare system and get the care that they need.  Working as part of its physician partners’ team, Devoted Health can also offer members telehealth and in-home clinical visits.

“I’m honored to be partnered with an organization that’s continuously improving healthcare quality, safety, and access for members,” said Dr. Brian Riveland, Devoted Health’s Arizona Medical Director. “Supporting patients to make the best possible decisions about their health allows them to feel secure in the assistance that they need and deserve.”

Devoted Health was founded in 2017 and currently offers Medicare Advantage plans in Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Arizona. Devoted Health also has support services located in Massachusetts and Maine. For more information about Devoted Health and its plans offered, visit or call 1-800-497-4086.