January 28, 2023

AZ Business Magazine

Dircks Moving & Logistics gets new owner, hiring 70+ employees

What started in May of 1990 as a family business for Dircks Moving & Logistics with 35 employees, 15 trucks and a 50,000-square-foot building has now grown into a multi-generational family business with over 250 employees statewide, 125 trucks, and more than 750,000-square-feet of warehouse space in 5 locations in Phoenix and Tucson. Now as they head into 2023 - brothers Chip and Rick Dircks have sold the burgeoning business to Chip’s son Matt Dircks, who will be leading Dircks Moving & Logistics into the future as President & CEO.

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“Our absolute goal is to grow Dircks into the largest moving and logistics company in the Southwest,” said new Owner and CEO Matt Dircks. “What my father and uncle have created has blossomed into the largest locally-owned moving and logistics company of its kind in the state, and I’m looking forward to overseeing the many ways in which we can further expand to meet the needs of our customers within Arizona and beyond.”

Armed with a cultural mantra of “What’s Next?”, Dircks is not only looking internally to grow their team and ask employees “What’s Next?” within their personal development but are also offering to help customers in their next step of any move. “We not only want to help our team to level up within their careers but also offer our customers anything they need beyond the traditional move,” said Dircks.

With a long family history in the moving industry, dating back to the early 1900s in Minneapolis, Chip and Rick Dircks had a unique perspective on the historical trends and needs of both residential and commercial moves, but also the insight to predict what trends were around the corner. Today, the company has blossomed from solely managing residential moves to having the bulk of incoming revenue come from the commercial moving, warehousing and logistics side of the business.

“We have been able to grow so much over these past three decades because we had the acumen to extend our network beyond what a traditional moving business was,” said Executive Vice President and Co-Founder Rick Dircks. “We became a shareholder and agent of Mayflower Transit and United Van Lines, so that we could extend our reach and handle nationwide – and even global – moves of all kinds. Now, we are working with household brand names like Lucid Motors, American Express, Avnet, Coca Cola, Campbell’s, the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Coyotes and our alma mater Arizona State University.”

“It’s very exciting and energizing, to take on the leadership of a team that continues to take on record growth while still providing industry leading service,” said Matt Dircks. “My father and uncle built a dynamic organization from what began as a $1 million company to a $40 million trucking juggernaut, and I am honored and proud to lead it into the next generation.” Both Rick and Chip Dircks will help ease the transition as both will stay on as employees, Chip as a consultant and Rick will continue to represent Dircks in his sales and customer facing role, as well as serve on numerous community and leadership boards across Arizona.

For more information on Dircks Moving & Logistics, visit www.dircks.com or call (602) 267-9401.