December 1, 2022

John Foster

Director’s resume: Practical tips for a successful resume

Would you like to apply for the position of General Manager? This is a key position within a company. To stand out from the other candidates and put all the chances on your side, your resume must be impeccable. The following are some practical tips to help you land your dream job with a strong resume.

Writing your resume: take the time to reflect on your background

Before starting to write your resume, it is recommended that you reflect on your professional background. This will make it easier for you to write your CV and select the information to be included. Especially since this is an important position in a company, the stakes involved in hiring are higher than others. When they receive your CV, recruiters must project themselves into what you can handle in the company.

During this first step, make sure you spend a few hours thinking about it. Isolate yourself in a quiet place. Write down all your professional experience, skills and training in a draft. Also write down your main accomplishments, making sure to put a figure on them. It is also advisable to formulate your professional objectives. It will then be easier for you to select the information that is directly related to the managerial position you are seeking.

Focus on the form of your resume

After thinking about it, why not think about formatting your manager resume? To get a job interview, you need to catch the eye of recruiters right from the start. A well formatted resume will catch the attention of recruiters. For a management position, it is often difficult to create a layout that is attractive, professional and original (but not too much).

To make this step easier, why not use resume creation websites? You will find resume templates according to your profile. Once you’ve chosen the template that suits you, you just have to fill it in and upload it. In just a few minutes, you can create a general manager resume that will catch the eye of recruiters and set you apart from the rest.

Highlight your professional experience

In order to get a job interview for the position of director, you need to work on writing the “professional experience” section. This is one of the most important sections of your resume. Make sure that the information in this section is as clear and concise as possible. This will make the recruiter’s job easier.

All you have to do is select the experiences that are related to the position you are applying for. Then list them in bullet form from the most recent to the oldest. For each position that you consider relevant to the position of director, specify the missions that you have carried out. Also consider adding the results you have achieved and relate them with numbers or percentages.

Mention your skills in a more strategic way

For a general manager position (regardless of the sector), some skills are essential. Indeed, you must mention certain skills such as strategic planning, team management, change management, mastery of sector-specific software… To highlight them, do not just list them. Indeed, you are mentioning skills that recruiters cannot situate in time.

Be sure to contextualize your skills through activities you have performed in the past. Want to show that you have mastered financial planning? Instead of listing, why not present it as “Developed and implemented a 2 million euro budget by optimizing costs by up to 30% in the first year of operation”. You can list 3 skills that will set you apart from other candidates. You will be able to develop the others during the job interview.

Work on your profile

The profile is a part that should not be forgotten for those who want to become a director. Indeed, this part allows you to stand out from the crowd and highlights your qualities and skills. The goal of this section is to attract the attention of recruiters. You can add a personal touch to show your personality.

When writing your profile, keep in mind that it must be short (4 to 5 lines maximum). Only mention the qualities and skills that are sought after for the position of director. Be sure to use simple words and opt for a professional, fluid and dynamic tone. The cover letter should summarize your profile, reveal your aspirations and anticipate the recruiter’s needs.

Put a picture or not?

If you are applying for a position in an English-speaking country or firm, avoid putting a photo on your resume. If you are applying for a managerial position based in France, it is highly recommended that you include one. Even if it is optional, the photo allows recruiters to put a face on your profile. However, be aware that you should not put just any photo you can find. The photo must support your professional side and your dynamism. Avoid vacation photos, family photos, photos of friends, seflies, blurred and pixelated images.

On your photo, dress in a professional way. You can, for example, choose clothes that you could wear to a job interview. Make sure the background is neutral and bright.   Also, avoid close-ups of your face. Choose a photo that shows your face and part of your torso and stand up straight for added presence.

To finalize your manager resume, put yourself in the recruiters’ shoes. Be sure to proofread your resume several times to make sure it’s easy to read. You will also have the opportunity to identify and correct any errors (spelling, syntax, grammar).