Serving food for takeaway is an option that opens up new opportunities for the restaurant owners. It also brings many challenges. One of them is choosing the right gastronomic packaging. Packaging for food service differs in quality, size, price and workmanship. So how do you choose packaging that works for a fast-food restaurant? Which french fries container or burger packaging box will be the best? Check out where you can find practical gastronomy packaging in the most desirable sizes and shapes.

You will find everything you need at Holly Powder

Do you like complex solutions? They make life easier, provide convenience and save time. They are extremely valuable – especially in the gastronomy. This is what the producer of coating Holly Powder knows. It provides an offer which focuses on complex solutions. It is necessary to get acquainted with it – especially if you run a fast food restaurant and you serve American-style chicken.

With Holly Powder, you can prepare delicious golden-coated chicken dishes, serve them in the restaurant and pack them to take away. You’ll learn how to make American-style chicken, order the coating and packaging, and get free promotional materials to help you promote your dishes all in one place.

Takeaway packaging that will surprise you in a positive way

The gastronomy packaging that you will find in Holly Powder’s offer is distinguished by high quality workmanship and a wide selection. You’ll find all 6 major types of catering packaging in the range. Get to know their greatest advantages.

Burger packaging box

• The Holly Powder burger packaging box is made of rigid but lightweight cardboard. This guarantees optimum thermal protection. The burger stays warm and crispy for a long time.

• The packaging has a practical closing which prevents the box from opening. The packaging for burgers guarantees safe transportation and comfort of use.

• Burger packaging is perfect for packing chicken burgers, beef burgers and sandwiches.

Buckets for chicken

• Available in two sizes: small for 10 strips or large for 24 strips.

• Matching lid protects contents from spilling during transport

• Bucket for chicken is handy and solid. Made of lightweight but rigid cardboard, it will effectively protect your dish during transportation.

Wrap packaging

• The tortilla packaging is foldable This provides for convenient storage and warehousing.

• It can be assembled quickly and easily.

• Manufactured from sturdy cardboard, the tortilla packaging guarantees safe transportation. The tortilla will arrive intact, warm, and crispy.

Takeaway box for chicken

• Available in two sizes: a small box for up to 200 g (e.g., 3 strips or 3 wings) or a large box for up to 400 g! You can pack into it up to 5 strips or 5 wings.

• Box-type packaging has practical holes. Thanks to them food does not burn and remains warm and crispy.

• The box is perfect for large sets and sets extended with fries.

The party box for fried chicken and extras

• Party box is the only package with universal compartments. Thanks to these compartments, wings, strips, and tortilla chips can be combined with any additives in a convenient manner.

• Serving meals in a box with dividers allows you to create unique compositions of various dishes to be eaten together.

• Practical – perfect for delivery and take-out orders

Fries packaging

• The practical shape of the envelope makes the fries easy to pack and comfortable to eat.

• The packaging for French fries is super light and soft, and can be safely placed on top of chicken pots and box-type packaging.

• The protective layer of the fries pack keeps grease from leaking through the pack and getting your hands dirty.

Packaging for your premises

Holly Powder packages are not only robust and functional, but also very aesthetically designed. The colors of packaging perfectly harmonize with the food. They stimulate appetite and emphasize the uniqueness of the served dishes.

Graphics on the packages are the word “bon appetit” in different languages of the world. The packages are universal, as they do not have any logo. This allows you to confidently serve dishes in them within your own restaurant.

Practical solutions in Holly Powder packaging

Thanks to the application of practical solutions, the packaging presented is perfect for delivery and takeaway. They effectively protect food during transport, maintain proper temperature and crispness. They are convenient to store. Reliable and visually attractive – they will certainly prove useful in your catering facility.