DROPIT Founders Brendan and Peter Howell. (Provided photo)

October 23, 2017

AZ Big Media

DROPIT app starts three-year partnership with Phoenix Suns

In an effort to keep fans engaged with their surroundings and the arena in between plays at Phoenix Suns games, the team has started a three-year partnership with the DROPIT App, allowing fans to partake in 60-second reverse auctions.

The app is meant to help fans engage with their mobile devices, arena sponsorships and the video board. The auction works in an exciting way, where the price of the items available through the auction become cheaper and cheaper as the time presses on.

The prices fall until someone swipes up on their phone, claiming the item for the price shown. The winner’s face will then be revealed on the main video screens. The auction is sort of like a game of chicken, where fans will want to wait just long  enough for the price to fall to a desired cost, but not too long where someone else will beat them to the prize.

The partnership starts tonight, Oct. 23, at the Phoenix Suns home game against the Sacramento Kings at the Talking Stick Resort Arena. Fans can download the app on the iOS, Android and online. At tonight’s game, during a halftime auction, fans will be vying to win a VIP experience that will give the fans a tour of the players’ locker room, passes to the Pacific Automation Courtside Club and complimentary food.

“A lot of things are distracting to the fans in a game,” said Brendan Howell, COO of DROPIT. “We want to actually connect them to the venue and what’s going on, and the sponsors. So, we connect the fans to the mobile, the video board, the sponsor, and the team to one with one activation.”

DROPIT then collects data on what and who the fans are engaging with, from sponsorships across the venue to the nearest food stand, to see how much value the sponsors are getting at each game, Howell said.

The app also tracks purchase intent from its users for teams and sponsors throughout the entire DROPIT experience.

DROPIT was founded in New Zealand by two brothers, Brendan and Peter Howell. Peter is DROPIT’s CEO and both of them have been spending a lot of time in the U.S. since they  brought DROPIT to market here in 2014.

Earlier this year, DROPIT was partnered with the Cactus League, offering its reverse auctions for fans during Spring Training games at the Peoria Sports Complex. With each successive Spring Training game where the app was available, the DROPIT team saw more and more engagement from the fans.

If a fan didn’t win their desired item during the game, each fan will receive exclusive offers for other items through the app after the game, keeping fans engaged with both the app, but also the Phoenix Suns and their partners well past game-day.

The app will only work for those who are inside the Talking Stick Resort Arena, creating a unique experience that can only be found at the Phoenix Suns games.

Sports venues in Arizona have been increasingly interactive and connected in recent years. Phoenix Raceway, which will soon be ISM Raceway, has entered a partnership with ISM Connect to bring a new level of connectivity to the race track. Other teams have installed Wi-Fi and other fun tech things to keep fans entertained before, during and after games.

“We’re excited about this innovative partnership with DROPIT that will help elevate the game day experience,” said Phoenix Suns President and CEO Jason Rowley. “Their unique drop auction is another fun and engaging way to entertain fans in between the action on the court.”