Choosing the right printer can make or break your operation if you’re running a custom apparel printing business. One of the biggest game-changers in this realm is DTG printers. Instead of relying on traditional screen printing techniques, DTG (direct-to-garment) printers use advanced technology to quickly and easily create high-quality, vibrant prints on all sorts of fabrics.

DTG printers have come a long way since they were first introduced in the early 2000s. Back then, they were notoriously finicky machines with lots of trouble with clogged printheads and inconsistent print quality. But today’s models are much more reliable and user-friendly – making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to step up their custom garment printing game.

Wondering if DTG printers are suitable for you? Let’s dive into some of the reasons why these machines are worth considering.

DTG Printers: The Benefits 

1) No Minimum Order Quantity 

One significant benefit of using DTG printers is that no minimum order quantity is required. With many other printing methods (like screen printing), you need to order dozens or even hundreds of shirts or other garments at once in order to make it cost-effective. But with DTG, you can print just a single shirt if you want – making it perfect for small businesses or individuals just starting.

2) High-Quality Prints 

DTG printers produce incredibly detailed, lifelike prints with bright colors that don’t fade over time. This level of precision simply isn’t possible with traditional screen printing methods – which require separate screens to be created for each color used in a design – adding associated set-up times and costs-. Instead, DTG relies on highly-advanced inkjet technology, which distributes tiny droplets directly onto your garment layer-by-layer until your desired design comes together beautifully.

3) Wide Range Of Printable Garments

Another massive benefit of using DTG printers is their versatility. They allow you to print on virtually any garment material – cotton, blends, polyester, and more- as well as bags, hats, or even shoes-. This means you can offer your customers a much wider range of products than traditional screen printing methods.

4) More Efficient Production Process

DTG printers are also incredibly efficient. Once you have a design ready in digital form (which doesn’t take long), it only takes a few seconds for the machine to transfer it onto a shirt or other piece of fabric. This means you can produce large quantities without worrying about slowing production or losing quality – making this technology ideal for high-volume runs.

5) Design Flexibility 

With DTG printers, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to your designs. With other printing methods, you can print photographs and graphics with lots of colors and subtle shading that would be difficult or impossible.

Considering all these benefits, it’s clear why many garment printing businesses are turning towards the relatively young yet rapidly developing world of DTG technology.

Choosing The Right Printer 

When deciding which DTG printer will suit your needs, consider factors like price point, ink delivery system, and servicing options available. Do bear in mind that relying on experienced partners goes far beyond delivering equipment- sorting critical aspects like hands-on training/ support tailored to specific business use cases makes significant differences. You must work closely with an industry veteran partner who can help guide you toward the best fit for your particular business requirements – both from hardware functionality and software deployment perspectives, empowering optimum usage through responsive servicing solutions specifically tailor-made for companies like yours.

Here are some quick tips:

● Look into different models & features each printer offers.

● Check reviews online from users already operating machines and references shared by prospective vendors/partners.

● Try out prints first-hand at startup events where seeking feedback from actual users can provide invaluable insights.

● Don’t miss out on equipment training programs offered by third-party providers.

● Most importantly, don’t forget to inquire about any available support services beyond product delivery.


In conclusion, DTG printers offer an exciting new world of possibilities for custom garment printing. Their versatility, efficiency, and high-quality output make them an excellent choice for businesses big and small. However, it’s essential to do your homework – researching and investing in trusted partners who can help guide you while making this important decision-.

With the right DTG printer in place and the right partner support system behind you, your apparel business is undoubtedly headed for a revolution!  Happy Printing!