Governor Doug Ducey today signed an Executive Order renewing a moratorium on all new regulatory rule-making by state agencies, limiting government regulations that inhibit job growth.

“Arizona is a pro-business state — and we continue to welcome more job opportunities and new businesses,” said Governor Ducey. “Government should not be getting in the way of opportunities, jobs and business growth — we should support it. Today’s order will help foster economic growth as Arizona overcomes the effects of the pandemic and businesses continue to safely operate and serve patrons.”

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The Executive Order directs state agencies to recommend at least three existing rules to eliminate for every additional rule requested by the agency. Additionally, agencies are directed to conduct a comprehensive review of any rules that were suspended during the COVID-19 public health emergency to determine if those rules should be permanently suspended. The agencies must provide a report on their findings by June 1, 2021.

According to the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity, 462 rules were eliminated or improved across 26 agencies in 2020 — resulting in nearly $14.7 million in annual savings for the state’s economy. The elimination and improvement of agency rules has resulted in more than $148.9 million in savings since 2015.

Governor Ducey has issued the moratorium for the seventh year in a row. His first action in office was issuing the initial moratorium, which aimed to expand the state’s economy by creating a stable regulatory environment and reducing the burden on small businesses. The Governor has reissued the order every year since.

View the Executive Order HERE.