EcepHan North America is contributing towards the fight against the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic as the company announces its official launch to ensure the availability of PPE items to the medical community and businesses across Arizona and nationwide. The company’s move is to put an end to the shortage of PPE supply, especially in Arizona, helping the people of the community stay safe and protected amid the pandemic.

The Scottsdale-based company, EcepHan North America, has a monthly manufacturing capability of 5 Million Gowns or Coveralls, 250,000 custom shields, and 15 million Masks. EcepHan has converted two 2500 style machines typically used for consumer products to run the material used in N95 respirator masks production. The products from the company are medical graded and FDA approved, with the line including Reusable Doctor/Nurse Clothing, AAMI Certified Disposable Gowns, Disposable Coveralls, Disposable Doctor Jackets, 3-ply Masks, Pediatric and Adult Shields, Boot/Shoe Covers, and Bouffant Caps.

“We created EcepHan North America for two reasons. First, to protect our frontline workers. Secondly, to aid the lack of PPE available in our current supply chain. Through these two missions, we feel EcepHan can aid in the daily battle against COVID-19,” said Jonathon Picus, Partner at EcepHan North America.

EcepHan North America’s launch is meant to fill the inadequate supply gaps experienced by most national and regional distributors struggling to keep up with customer demands. The company is set to make available, FDA approved, certified, and reliable PPEs, to meet every supply demands from Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Urgent Cares, School Systems, Dental offices, Home Health Agencies, etc. so as to end the struggle in  maintaining proper PPE stock among institutions in the United States.

“At EcepHan, we’re excited to meet the Customers’ demand from any part of the United States and especially in Arizona,” said Michael Bergs National Sales Manager/USA, EcepHan Company.  “EcepHan has the capacity to fill the supply chain gaps when it comes to PPE suppliers.  There is no longer a need to allocate products or wait for back orders.  EcepHans stands behind their FDA approved quality of PPE in a price sensitive environment, “ added Bergs.

All of EcepHan’s products are certified premium quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that has passed all of the most world’s rigid safety standards and obtain certification from FDA, NVA, etc. EcepHan controls its sourcing of raw materials to come up with the best, certified, and most reliable PPE for both medical and non-medical institutions looking to obtain quality and adequate quantities of PPE to protect their frontline health workers as well as the patents. This will eliminate every backlog in the supply chain as well as panic among the end users, as EcepHan has access to large amounts of quality raw materials, enough to end every form of back orders or change in quality caused by materials sourced from new locations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to wreak havoc across the world, affecting over 55 million people. The United States remains one of the worst-hit nations, with more than 11 million confirmed infection cases. Consequently, it has become even more important for people to adhere to the safety protocols recommended by health authorities, especially with the likelihood of a second wave of the virus. Unfortunately, communities like Phoenix have been identified as experiencing a shortage in the supply of personal protective equipment, including masks and gowns, which is where EcepHan is looking to make a difference.

As the concern over the 2nd wave of COVID19 increases, flu season around the corner, and schools along with local businesses opening, EcepHan North America looks to alleviate Arizona’s concerns of enough quality PPE inventory. And with this surge of products into the marketplace, there will be enough to relieve strain on national and regional distributors of PPE, as EcepHan is committed to protecting their community’s healthcare workers, Schools, Students, Teachers, Veterans Front Line Workers & Individual Consumers. The facility’s contribution will go a long way in alleviating Arizona’s concerns of proper PPE inventory, especially as schools and local businesses reopen amid a possible second wave of COVID-19 and the coming flu season.