The growth of the populations varies widely from county to county in the United States. In addition, population growth is affected by a variety of different factors. This includes differences in employment opportunities, differences in salaries and the cost of living, and differences in overall quality of life.

Naturally, when it comes to these factors, people tend to flock to places where they have the chances to improve their lives, and it seems that Maricopa County in Arizona and Clark County in Nevada are two of the places that are thriving.

Data that has recently been released by the Census Bureau shows that there has been a sharper spike in the number of new residents in these counties, with Maricopa County coming out on top closely followed by Clark County in Nevada. In third place was Harris County in Texas, which has also enjoyed considerable growth. Between summer 2017 and summer last year, Maricopa County was adding as many as 200 new residents per day according to the figures.

Why People Decide to Move to these Areas

There are various reasons why people have been moving to these areas over recent years, which has seen the population swell and their economies boom. It has also led to greater success in other areas – for instance, there has been more investment in property such as Las Vegas condos to accommodate the increase in resident numbers.

One of the main reasons why so many people have been flocking to these two thriving counties is due to opportunities. This includes greater opportunities when it comes to employment, advancement, education, earnings, and even accommodation, with many investors having plowed money into condos in Las Vegas, making it easier for new residents to find a place to rent.

Naturally, the rise in the number of people moving to these areas has led to a boom in the local economy, with more people making purchases from local businesses in the affected areas. This has helped to further entice more people to the counties because of the boosted economy, which has a positive knock-on effect on employment opportunities. Officials said that in Maricopa County, the number of new residents moving in had been rising year on year for some time. Clark County, famous for its entertainment hub of Las Vegas, has not only seen a boost in new resident numbers but also visit numbers over recent years.

In terms of globally popular figures, the United States is the world’s third largest country behind China and India. By state, California has the highest population followed by Texas. In terms of cities, the most populated is New York City.

Other Counties that Benefitted from a Population Spike

The census data showed that the remainder of the counties to enjoy impressive population growth behind Maricopa, Clark, and Harris counties were: Collin County TX, Riverside County CA, King County WA, Orange County FL, Tarrant County TX, Bexar County TX, and Hillsborough County FL.